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Standardized Interfaces & APIs


OSS/J delivers standards-based interface implementations (OSS/J APIs) and design guidelines for the development of component-based OSS systems.

OSS/J technologies provide the foundation for unifying legacy systems and new applications quickly and at low cost. The OSS/J APIs support multiple technologies and include Java, XML, and Web Services integration profiles.

Each integration profile consists of specifications, a reference implementation, and a conformance test kit (CTK).

All OSS/J APIs are publicly available at no charge

Business Benefits

  • Reduces the OSS “integration tax”, i.e., the cost of integrating and maintaining systems
  • Enables service providers (via the production of open management interfaces) to mix and match OSSs from various suppliers based on factors such as price, quality, and functionality
  • Increases interoperability by increasing the supply of interchangeable components and applications

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