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Standardized Interfaces & APIs

Self-Certified Products

This section lists products that have been OSS/J self-certified and describes what you need to do to certify your products. It also lists non certified components or products that use or plan to use OSS/J.

The OSS/J product self-certification process is open and free of charge. It relies on self-testing and self-certification by member companies.

The self-certification process is simple. The owner of the product runs the tests or answer a questionnaire to certify that the product meets the technical requirements for compatibility with a specific OSS/J API specification, publishes technical evidence in support of this, and assumes responsibility for the claim of compliance.

In accordance with the Java Community Process, each OSS/J API consists of a Specification, a Reference Implementation (RI), and a Technology Compatibility Kit (TCK) for each of the three integration profiles that are or will be available for OSS/J APIs:

  • Tightly coupled integration with Java/JVT profile (Spec, RI, TCK)
  • Loosely coupled integration with XML/JMS profile (Spec, RI, TCK)
  • Cross operational boundaries integration with Web Services (Spec, RI, TCK) 


Self-Certified Products - Server Side

This category is for products that implement OSS/J APIs (server side). To be designated as a self-certified product, the product shall: (1) implement at least one integration profile, (2) pass all associated TCK tests, (3) post the TCK report on a public page of the company website, and (4) complete the process to list the product on the OSS/J website.  Self-Certification Process

Self-Certified Products - Client Side

This category (p.k.a. Qualified Products) is for products that are clients of OSS/J APIs certified implementations or RIs (client side). To be designated as a self-certified product, the following is required: (1) a Questionnaire associated with a specific API shall be completed, (2) the Questionnaire shall be posted on a public page of the company website, and (3) the process for listing the product on the OSS/J website shall be completed.  Self-Certification Process


Referenced Components

Referenced Components are software products or components that use/implement or will use/implement parts or full current final OSS/J APIs, but have not been self-certified. The information about how these components use the OSS/J is provided by the submitting companies and it is at their sole discretion.  Submission Process

The OSS/J certification process for a product applies to a version and an integration profile of a single API at a time.

TM Forum does not verify the validity of the information submitted regarding self-certification, which is solely responsibility of the submitting company.