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TM Forum Webinars

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Seamlessly Integrate Key Components of Frameworx Across your Enterprise

Date: Tuesday, May 24, 2011

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David Dichmann,
Product Manager, Sybase, an SAP Company

In order to compete and thrive, today’s communications organizations need to have a clear understanding of their current business and how the rapid changes in competition, technology and regulations will affect them. 18 of the top global 20 service providers are using TM Forum’s Frameworx to run with maximum agility, simplicity and efficiency.   

Are you looking for a way to help your company make intelligent, effective decisions using these proven industry standards? Do you need to manage your data from ‘a single version of the truth’?

If so, you don’t want to miss this chance to get a better understanding of:

  • The value of using a single tool for metadata management
  • How to host 3 key components of TM Forum Frameworx — Business Process Framework (eTOM), Information Framework (SID) and Applications Framework (TAM) — across the enterprise and integrated throughout the IT infrastructure
  • How to effectively respond to change by using traceability solutions

An increasing percentage of information used to drive business decisions for communications companies is driven by new data. Register now and learn how to integrate these new sources of data to support revenue and profitability.