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Operational Excellence Summit

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Doing More with Less
November 9-11, 2010

IT and Operations today represent more than just the engine room of the service provider: their effectiveness; costs and efficiency are key concerns for the Board room.

Compiled by industry experts, this three-day conference summit will showcase real-world case studies that unveil practical solutions to reducing OpEx, detail how to overcome the challenges new ‘Telco 2.0’ business models present, and outline how key industry standards such as TM Forum’s Frameworx hold the key to meeting the demands of the business reliably, at the lowest possible cost.

Agenda Key
Cable SessionsCable SessionsDefense SessionsDefense Sessions
Revenue Management SessionsRevenue Management SessionsAnalyticsAnalytics
Back Office SimplificationTuesday November 9, 2010 2:00 pm - 3:30 pm
Chair: Arturo Pereyra, Communications Industry Director, Oracle Corporation
Cable SessionsTransforming Market Deployment Management
This presentation will address how Comcast is transforming their ability to manage and accelerate market deployments for all customer products, technologies and solutions. The IT-enabled solution created to solve this challenge will help to drive accountability, transparency and business results by changing how all deployments are executed and managed moving forward. This presentation presents a solution to an extremely challenging and complex problem to any company that is large, multi-organizational and that deploys products and technology. Learn how to: • Reduce deployment time and cost while driving accountability and transparency across multiple markets and organizations • Solve the deployment challenges and provide significant competitive differentiation from an operational perspective • Manage, schedule and monitor deployments and increase your ability to go to market faster and more efficiently
Rebecca Scilingo, Vice President of the Enterprise Program Management Office (EPMO), Governance an, Comcast
Dale Knipp, Client Partner, Cognizant Technology Solutions
Transform the Future through Business Operations Optimization – An XO Communications Case StudyOver the past couple of years, XO Communications has undertaken a company-wide transformation program to focus on improving service delivery, accelerating revenue growth and reducing operating costs. As part of this industry recognized program, XO implemented a set of back-office initiatives to streamline the conversion of prospects to paying customers and to accelerate overall revenue growth. In this session, the speaker will discuss how XO transformed and simplified their back-office processes and systems to support the rapid growth of new Ethernet / IP services to business, government and service provider customers. The speaker will provide commentary on the goals, approach and results achieved to date. Hear the latest on: • The use of commercial applications to enable the rapid introduction, and efficient delivery, of differentiated business services • Service Fulfillment of complex IP services to over 120,000 business customers.
Steve Taff, Vice President IT Network Systems, XO Communications, Inc
Leonard Sheahan, Director, Product Marketing, Oracle Corporation
IT Transformation Case Study: How to Achieve Greater Operational and Business Agility with OSS ConsolidationIn a case study presentation, Axtel and Comptel will present a case study and share quantitative data from Mexican CSP’s multi-phase OSS consolidation project. They will explain how Axtel’s IT transformation initiative was critical in enabling the CSP to roll out WiMAX and other next-generation network technologies, and introduce new services to its customers. This presentation will also discuss how a single, convergent mediation platform enabled the Mexican operator to achieve its operational and business goals and benefits achieved as a result of the OSS consolidation. • Hear the challenges, including the management of multiple, legacy mediation systems, Axtel faced following its acquisition of Avantel in 2006. • Receive a first-hand, communications service provider perspective that is directly related to the Americas region. • Learn about new, intelligent approaches to mediation and charging, and proven best practices for OSS consolidation and IT transformation.
Emilio Rodriguez, Director IT - Apps, Servicios Axtel, SAB
Arnhild Schia, Senior Vice President - Strategic Marketing, Comptel

Revenue ManagementTuesday November 9, 2010 4:15 pm - 5:45 pm
Chair: Tonia Graham, Executive Decision Support Program Manager, TM Forum
Cable SessionsRevenue Management SessionsOptimizing Network Operations for Cost-Savings and Improved Profit Margins
Revenue Management today not only involves creating services with good profit margins, but understanding how the network is optimized behind the services to ensure a satisfactory return. Service providers have found that not only are their networks not optimized, but that a lack of true network visibility has resulted in service delays and outages that are costing them millions of dollars. These issues are attributed to misconfigurations, lack of security credentials and multiple management systems that have different release schedules and no clear way to integrate the services end to end. This case study shows how Time Warner Cable evaluated their current operations infrastructure and identified multiple areas where improvement was required to save them money and improve their profit margins. This session will present the business case and the functionality of how Time Warner Cable netted a significant savings as well as prevented outages and saved on maintenance charges that had been costing them hundreds of thousands of dollars. The business case study will outline the analysis that was done and what the resulting model will look like.
Sandip Patel, Commercial Engineering Senior Applications Engineer Business Class, Time Warner Cable
Sergio Pellizzari, Founder / Solutions Architect, Nakina Systems
Revenue Management SessionsMaturity, Measurement, and Coverage – The Essential Pillars for a Revenue Assurance Roadmap
Revenue Assurance departments are having challenges in creating and justifying their roadmaps and goals with clear expected benefits for RA activities. Mature RA organizations face challenges in moving from Reactive to Proactive Management RA, while Immature RA organizations face challenges to determine and justify where to begin. This Panel will discuss top-notch best-practices, including the combination of RAKPIs, Maturity Model, and Coverage Model, developed by the TM-Forum RA team, to solve one of the biggest challenges RA is facing today – creating appropriate reliable roadmaps with clear benefits.
Gadi Solotorevsky, CTO, cVidya Networks Ltd.
Terri Smith, VP Revenue Accounting and Assurance, Metro PCS
Yoel Arditi, Global Telecom SME, BAO Competency Lead, IBM Corporation
Angel Lopez, Sr Director Revenue Assurance, NII Holdings, Inc
Erik Splinter, Director, Business Consulting, Connectiva Systems
Cable SessionsRevenue Management SessionsManaging Integrated RA and Fraud for Triple Play Operators
This case study of Cablevision Revenue Assurance/Fraud organizational success using WeDo Technologies solution RAID will discuss the challenges and benefits of running an integrated Revenue Assurance and Fraud department at Cablevision, Mexico's largest digital triple play (cable TV, Internet, VOIP) company. The challenges of triple play operators in combining the Revenue Assurance RA and Fraud areas have not been typically explored in the past. The presentation will include a discussion of the Revenue Assurance RA/Fraud organization and the automated and enhanced Revenue Assurance RA/Fraud controls in place. • Manage the Revenue Assurance RA and Fraud areas with limited resources and a wide range of services. • Review recommendations for managing Revenue Assurance RA/Fraud departments in a changing environment with limited resources
Oscar Chavez Mayo, PMO & RA Manager, Cablevision Mexico
Hans Eismann, Vice President, WeDo Technologies

Business TransformationWednesday November 10, 2010 9:00 am - 10:30 am
Chair: Johanne Mayer, Director Communication, Systems & Applications Integration, Alcatel-Lucent
Sale to Fulfillment – A Service Provider Success Story for Effective and Accurate Custom Business SolutionsComplex business solution offerings need the ability to change dynamically and be configured uniquely for each customer. The lead to order process has a lengthy time to market due to iterative designs, and often manual processes or disparate tools being used for the sales and implementation cycles. Deployments are increasing in complexity and are often error prone. Consequently, the sales and network solution design processes are typically lengthy, inefficient and inaccurate. Bell Canada will share a case study on the value of Sales Management and Solutions Management to optimize sales processes. By providing a guided and structured design process, the Bell Canada pre-sales teams were able to significantly increase sales by generating accurate solutions with fewer cycles by streamlining those processes for information transfer and better collaborative workflows from Sales Management to Solutions Management which helped to optimize sales processes and potential for increased revenue. Learn how to: • Increase sales productivity through automation and collaboration and through sales accuracy reduce time to revenue • Improve the ability to forward documents to ordering and provisioning • Update the solution at the provisioning stage & more
Milan Belohoubek, Director, Pre-Sales Engineering, Bell Canada
Ittai Bareket, Chief Executive Officer, Netformx, Inc.
Transforming Service Assurance at SaskTelThis is a Case Study of how SaskTel, a small operator can use COTS tools to transform assurance across fixed, mobile, IPTV etc. SaskTel has utilized off-the shelf software tools to create a new Resource Trouble Management (RTM) solution to replace existing in house applications. The RTM solution provides a "single pane of glass" for fault and performance management across both fixed and mobile infrastructure including broadband access, optical transport, IP, IPTV, switching and SCADA. Based on a proven operational project, this presentation will share best practices of how a relatively small operator was able to take advantage of COTS to replace an in house solution. This presentation describes the solution, benefits achieved and plans.
Rance Best, Network Manager, OSS Design and Implementation, SaskTel
Utilizing TM Forum Frameworx Catalog/Order Lifecycle Management Software to Support Homogenous Business TransformationMerger & Acquisition activity over the last several years presented a major operational challenge to Atria Networks: how to cost-effectively sell/order/provision a common product/service offering to a customer base served by multiple technologies and operationally unique business processes? The presentation will describe how Atria Networks, a metro-optical broadband carrier, set out to harmonize their business and operations processes and product/service offerings by leveraging TM Forum Frameworx Catalog/Order Lifecycle Management software. Attendees will take away the strategies Atria Networks employed to minimize risk against the challenges of a highly complex project.
Ian Collins, President, Atria Networks LP
Dahl Morrison, Sales Director, ConceptWave Software

Analytics /Business Intelligence/ Subscriber Data MiningWednesday November 10, 2010 11:15 am - 12:45 pm
Chair: Goutham Belliappa, Business Information Management Practice Lead, Communications Sector, Capgemini
Defense SessionsSituational Awareness in Policy Based Collaborative Networks
This presentation explores the relationship between policy and situational awareness and how standards such as advocated by TM Forum enable policies and situational awareness to be applied across ad-hoc collaborative networks in a real-time approach. This case study with the US Army will show that collaboration by joint forces leads to the need for have the capabilities to support SA across these entities Several examples will be provided to solidify the concepts presented.
Syeed Ali, Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) Project Manager, DOD
Thomas Magg, CTO, Unspecified
Telecom Italia's Approach to User Data ReconciliationSeamless service functionality relies on perfect data alignment through the BSS/OSS and network environment. The data federation tool analyzes database inconsistencies and network devices misconfigurations in order to guarantee full coherence between the customer requests and the services provided. This presentation will show a complete user's profile on one federated database that allows proactive malfunction discovery in order to reduce missbilling and customer trouble tickets. The results will show trouble tickets reduction, cost reduction in migrating customers from a network platform (ATM DSLAM) to another (IP DSLAM).
Giovanni Lepri, Director, Telecom Italia Group
Cable SessionsReal-World Benefits of Internet Protocol Detail Record (IPDR)
Internet Protocol Detail Record (IPDR) collection is addressed by one of the key TM Forum Interfaces that will differentiate next-generation operators over the next year, and allow those who adopt IPDR collection to win in their competitive environments. This Case Study of the third-largest MSO in the US will provide a first-hand look at a real-world deployment of active mediation for IPDR collection & reporting, discuss the benefits of tracking network usage data and share exclusive insight into its deployment process and use case. • Learn how the TM Forum’s IPDR interface gets deployed and how subscribers and operators benefit from its implementation.
Brian Cappellani, CTO, Sigma Systems
Bam Liem, VP, Advanced Services Enigneering, Unspecified

Enabling Green Communication NetworksWednesday November 10, 2010 2:15 pm - 3:45 pm
Chair: Charlie Wijsman, Senior Manager, Operations Restructuring, Deloitte
Energy Efficiency in Telecom Networks: Using Metrics to Separate Hype from RealityRising utility, real estate and environmental costs require a new look at network design and measurement of the efficiency of those networks. Since modern networks are growing faster than Moore’s law, creating an increase in energy consumption, there is demand for new, energy-aware generations of telecom equipment. The industry lacks any widely adopted methodology for measuring and reporting the true energy efficiency of networking equipment. This session will separate hype from reality in green networking and provide an overview of the initiatives underway to establish a repeatable and standardized metric for measuring networking efficiency. The presentation will discuss the importance of implementing a standardized metric for measuring energy efficiency and how this ties to data center design. Attend this session to learn more about • Measuring efficiency in the network • Designing secure networks for anytime/anywhere access • Proper data center design to help decrease real estate, power and cooling requirements
Oliver Tavakoli, CTO, SLT Business Group, Juniper Networks, Inc.
Mottainai: Innovations in Green ITThis presentation by NEC of Japan will highlight the results and outcome of NEC’s efforts in promoting and implementing green IT within the organization and for its customers. The presentation will cover the metrics used for effective measurement of Green IT, best practices and adoption incentives. Attendees will learn: • How to meet Green IT standards while improving productivity and costs • How to use next generation IT technologies such as RFID, New thin client approaches to meet Green requirements • How to optimize existing IT technologies and adopt new approaches and innovation to drive the green revolution in the organization
Bob Titus, VP, Global Converged Solutions, NetCracker Technology
Operating in the Green - TCO2 - A Quantitative Model for Eco Friendly Telecom Network ManagementEnvironmental responsibility has recently been added to the decision making criteria a Service Provider must consider in designing and operating a network. A business modeling tool that encompasses ecological impact in addition to cost will enable them to make comprehensive choices. In this presentation, we'll use a comprehensive and mathematical model, rather than descriptive model to show the environmental impact of the technology, processes and organization of network operations, and suggest techniques for reducing this impact. Learn how to • Review a model for calculating carbon impact in conjunction with other business model techniques that are supported by industry evidence • Incorporate environmental impact into their business decision making • Utilize concrete, qualitative equations into the business model process allows service providers to truly understand, in numeric terms, the financial tradeoffs of their environmental decisions
Elissa Matthews, Distinguished Member of Technical Staff, Alcatel-Lucent

Intensive 1: Managed Services: OutsourcingThursday November 11, 2010 9:00 am - 10:15 am
How to Build an Effective Managed Service PartnershipCompetition is driving CSPs to embark on complex transformation programs. These programs increase CSPs’ competitive edge by introducing new services, reducing cost, optimizing operations and service delivery, and improving customer experience. While transformation programs' objectives are similar, the approach varies because of differences in each CSP’s business and operating environment. A key success factor for transformation programs is harmonizing the CSPs’ approach and objectives with managed service providers’ (MSP) capabilities – an effective managed service partnership. This will be a thought-provoking, interactive, role playing working group session to: • Discuss how to use outsourcing solutions and managed services to assist CSPs effectively transform their operations and business • Identify synergies and gaps between CSPs and suppliers viewpoint supported by research data and experience in the telecoms professional services market • Debate and conclude on the key characteristics of a managed service partnership for a successful business transformation
Glen Ragoonanan, Principal Analyst, Analysys Intenational
Hermes Figueroa, Head of Global Services (GS) Sales, Nokia Solutions and Networks

Intensive 2: Business IT Governance Thursday November 11, 2010 11:30 am - 12:45 pm
If You Can’t Measure It, You Can’t Manage It: How to Make IT Complexity Part of CEO Agenda Making visible to top management how IT complexity impacts business performance is critical to improve momentum for IT transformation and modernization initiatives, which most often lose against product and market initiatives in the battle for funding. From this intensive session attendants will learn: • how to measure IT complexity, and use KPIs related to IT complexity in regular top-management reporting • how to link IT complexity KPIs to economical impacts and business performance • how to promote IT modernization and transformation initiatives The audience will be invited to share their challenges, views and experiences. The session will be a combination of brain-storming, interactive presentations and discussions. The session should suit participants which struggle to manage complexity, as well as those having interesting experiences to share and discuss.
Erik Odberg, Senior Enterprise Architect, Telenor ASA
Borger Warlo, Head of Enterprise Architecture, Telenor ASA
Vidar Vetland, Senior Adviser, Telenor ASA
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