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Management World Americas 2012

Optimizing the Virtual Housecall

Optimizing the Virtual Housecall

Many TM Forum members are addressing the opportunities that are enabled by the adoption of “eHealth/connected Health” solutions by both the Health Care industry and consumers. This value chain is new and dynamic – the convergence of services, technology, market demand, and interoperability is providing an innovation platform that can solve many of the social, business, and logistic issues facing the Health Care industry.

It is envisioned that this is a multi-phase project. Phase 1 to be presented at the Management World Americas 2102 event will introduce various use cases and analysis of those use cases. The follow on Phase 2 project which will demonstrate at the Management World 2013 event will refine the selected use cases leading to a more significant pilot to produce data on repeatable elements of the business model for all TM Forum members.

Business Proposition

TM Forum can best lead by example, and one goal of this Catalyst project is to position TM Forum to demonstrate to members and beyond the immediate relevance and profitable opportunities available from eHealth. Specifically:

  • eHealth Care offerings and adoption will be one of the largest opportunities for new services revenue for TM Forum members
  • The eHealth value chain will include new role, responsibility, risk, and opportunity. This project will start to define areas that impact Customer Experience.
  • The resulting end products will help companies identify risk and opportunity in the eHealth value chain.
  • Areas of immediate applicability are electronic records convenience services, existing mobile workforce and Shared Diagnostic Managed Services.

TM Forum Standards in Use or Development

  • The Business Process Framework provides a comprehensive, industry agreed, multi-layered view of the key business processes a service provider requires to run their business. Standardized eHealth processes will provide a top down business perspective on the “layers of the players” and standard business transactions.
  • The Information Framework provides a comprehensive, industry agreed definition for information that flows through the enterprise and between service providers and their business partners. A standardized view on an eHealth information model is the basis for seamless exchange of data.
  • The Application Framework provides a model for grouping processes and their associated information into recognizable applications. It provides a common language and identification system between buyer and supplier for all application areas. A standardized mapping to an application framework provides distinct insight on involved application functions for any Information and Communications Technology (ICT) enabled eHealth functionality.
  • In addition, using what is already a robust set of best practices and standards, lay the foundation for applicable SLA Management, Security and Risk Management eHealth standards.

Demonstration Scenarios

  • Assuring Continuity of eHealth Care with Mobile Workforce Management
  • A use case linking providers with ambulance services and billing
  • Connected Home, linked with other services to offer a complete integrated in-home experience beyond just eHealth
  • Health care services based on existing connected home service offerings
  • Telemedicine use cases with field data
  • Use case based on technology evaluated in the Health Web Science group
  • Use cases driven by public policy, regulatory environments, and communications law