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Company: Oracle
Product Title: Rapid Offer Design and Order Delivery (RODOD) Solution
Product Version: See details of product versions in Certification Report
Frameworx Version: Version 12
Business Process Framework version: Version 12
Information Framework version: Not applicable
Assessment Completion Date: April 2013
Detailed Certification Report: Oracle RODOD  Certification Report

This solution was previously certified on March 2011 Please see the previous results

Solution Description

Most communications service providers' services are growing in terms of complexity and sheer number, and they need to deliver their services through multiple-channels (e.g. customer care, Web, kiosk, sales force, retail store). Whether they are triple-play, quad-play, mobile, or Ethernet or Cloud for the enterprise market, they must develop a strong product launch and order management environment to improve the customer experience while managing the operational costs of designing, launching, and delivering complex new products and services.

Oracle Communications Rapid Offer Design and Order Delivery (RODOD) is a fully-integrated, product-based solution that provides Service Providers with:

  • Faster time to market with integrated end-to-end offer design configuration
  • Shorter order cycles with complete visibility across the order lifecycle
  • Reduced operational cost through advanced order management capabilities and integrations
The RODOD solution is based on three innovative design principles:
  • Decoupling of commercial offers from fulfillment flows
  • Dynamic generation of orchestration plans
  • Fulfillment topology abstraction from fulfillment flows
RODOD innovative nature is not limited to its design principles. RODOD broke ground by being the very first solution to be certified by TM Forum against Frameworx. RODOD has been selected by many service providers around the world to deliver traditional as well as innovative services and business models: from Digital Cable to TV Anywhere, from Mobile to M2M, from VPN to Cloud services.

The RODOD solution consists of Oracle Product Hub for Communications, Siebel CRM, ATG Web Commerce, Oracle Communications Order and Service Management (OSM), Billing & Revenue Management (BRM), and Application Integration Architecture (AIA) for Communications. Optional products include Oracle Retail, E-Billing, RightNow, E-Business Suite, and the Information Framework (SID) certified Oracle Communications Data Model (OCDM).

Figure 1 - Rapid Offer Design & Order Delivery (RODOD): Solution Components

Summary Results: Business Process Framework;

Detailed Certification Results: Oracle RODOD Certification Report