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Conformance Certification

Oracle Rapid Service Design & Order Delivery

Company: Oracle
Product Title: Rapid Service Design and Order Delivery (RSDOD) Solution
Product Version: See details of product versions in Certification Report
Frameworx Version: Version 12
Business Process Framework version: Version 12
Information Framework version: Not applicable
Assessment Completion Date: April 2013
Detailed Certification Report: Oracle RSDOD Frameworx 12 Certification Report

Solution Description

Most large communication service providers (CSPs) have grown complex OSS environments through historical accumulation, mergers and acquisitions and custom development. These OSS environments are now being put under severe pressure to cope with the explosion of network and IT resources on the infrastructure perspective, and the exponential growth of products and service bundles from the commercial perspective.  Data, business rules and order management are fragmented and duplicated, hindering efficient and rapid rollout of converged bundles of services and exceptional customer service. The solutions are very labour intensive and error-prone, while providing little to no order lifecycle and status visibility, exception and order fallout handling, and order change management.
Oracle Communications provides the only fully convergent, modular and standards aligned service fulfilment solution that cost effectively speeds service introduction and enables accurate order delivery.  Oracle Communications’ Rapid Service Design and Order Delivery (RSDOD) Solution is based on COTS products that allows CSPs to transform their OSS environment -- by facilitating rapid design to launch new or modify existing services, while ensuring “right first time, every time” delivery of orders for any type of services across any heterogeneous network landscape.  RSDOD provides CSPs with the following key business benefits:

  • Accelerates time to market through streamlined service fulfillment design capability and decoupling of commercial offers from underlying technology
  • Facilitates right first time service fulfillment through a converged platform supporting multiple service domains
  • Minimizes IT complexity and cost through a set of COTS based, standards aligned components that can be rapidly deployed to support a productized, open architecture

RSDOD is a comprehensive solution consisting of Oracle Communications Order and Service Management (OSM), Oracle Communications Unified Inventory Management (UIM), Oracle Communications ASAP, Oracle Communications IP Service Activator (IPSA) and Oracle Communications Design Studio. Complementary products from the Oracle OSS portfolio include Oracle Communications MetaSolv Solution (MSS). Optional complementary products include the Information Framework (SID) certified Oracle Communications Data Model (OCDM).

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Rapid Service Design & Order Delivery (RSDOD): Solution Components

Summary Results: Business Process Framework

Detailed Certification Results: Oracle RSDOD Frameworx 12 Certification Report