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Catalyst Program

Participant Handbook and FAQs

Upcoming Deadlines:
February 28 - Project Charter Submission
March 14 - Catalyst Marketing Brief
March 14 - Last Day for New Participants and Champions to Join

Quick Links:
Deliverable Timeline and Deadlines
Register Passes - link will be posted when available

Online Collaboration Community
Contracts for Participation
Marketing Deliverables
Registration Related
On Site at TM Forum Live!
Project Results and Outputs

Online Collaboration Community

Q. What is the purpose of a Catalyst community?
Catalyst project workspaces are located within the TM Forum Online Collaboration Community. Each project workspace provides a discussion area for project communication, a calendar function to schedule meetings and a document repository.  Each community essentially acts as an online collaboration environment for Catalyst teams to work together, share and communicate on their project deliverables. It is a requirement of all TM Forum collaborative projects, including the Catalyst program that all team communication, discussions and any project work are performed in the Online Collaboration Community in order to comply with the TM Forum's Collaboration Operating GuideIPR Policy and Anti-trust Guidelines. Once a discussion thread has been started, replies can be posted via email. All team meetings need to be set up through the online project calendar. TM Forum can provide training as needed.
Q. How do I join my Catalyst project area?
To sign up to your Catalyst community, you need to be a TM Forum member and have a TM Forum Community profile. You can sign up or login to the TM Forum Community at and this will activate the necessary profile. Once you sign in, Catalyst project areas can be found by clicking Projects in the left-side menu, then clicking Projects Directory and filtering by Catalyst Demonstrations. Find your Catalyst project and click on its name to view an IPR statement and click "Submit" to request access. As the Catalyst project areas are closed, your Catalyst team leader or the Catalyst Program team will approve you as member of the relevant project team. Once you have been added to the Catalyst team community, you will see your Catalyst team listed in the Your Projects section of the community. If you have any issues with community signup, you can contact support at support@is.tmforum.org.
Q. Where can I get online help for the community?
Click here for Community Support and Online Help or contact Megan Lunde.
Q. How can I post a message to my Catalyst project team?
Select the Discussions tab, Click on the "Start a new discussion thread" button. Fill in the form provided and then Click the "Post" button to submit your message to all members of your community.  Email is integrated with the community environment so that team members can reply back to the community from their email client.

Contracts for Participation

Q. What is a Catalyst Contract?
All Catalyst Champions and Participants must sign a Catalyst contract for every project your company participates in.  The Catalyst contract is a formal commitment to your Catalyst project and allows TM Forum to publicly acknowledge your company's involvement.  In addition, a signed Catalyst contract is a legal requirement to demonstrate in The Hub at TM Forum Live!

The contract needs to be signed by somebody with the relevant authority to represent the company. The person who is responsible for returning the signed contract will be known as the Catalyst Booth manager and responsible for registering the complimentary passes that the Catalyst participant company is entitled as a result of their participation in the Catalyst program.

Q. What are the Investment Costs to participate in a Catalyst Project? Catalyst Champions (end-users such as service providers, MSOs, defense agencies or enterprise IT departments) do not pay for their championing of Catalyst projects.  Champions are expected to attend regular team meetings and provide feedback to the team.

Catalyst Participants (vendors such as suppliers, systems integrators, solutions providers or consultants) pay €4500 for each demonstration team participation at TM Forum Live! (no increase from Manacgement World 2013).  Volume discount applies when a vendor participants on multiple Catalysts: a 50% discount applies to second and subsequent Catalyst participation within a single event.

Each Catalyst team member company bears its own additional costs including travel, hotel, human resource, equipment, etc.

Q. When will my company receive our Catalyst Contract?
Contracts will be issued beginning February 17, 2014.  If you do not receive a contract by February 28, please contact Megan Lunde at mlunde@tmforum.org.
Q. What is the timeframe for return of a Catalyst Contract?
To allow us to more effectively manage the Catalyst Program and The Hub, we request that you please return your contract within 30 days of issue.

To ensure maximum visibility for your company's involvement in a Catalyst project, please return a signed contract by Friday, April 11.  We cannot guarantee inclusion in press releases, on-site show guide or other marketing opportunities if the contract is not received by April 11.

Catalyst Participants will receive an invoice for their Catalyst Demonstration participation within 5 business days of receipt of the signed Agreement.  Additionally, passes for your staff and clients/prospects will be issued upon receipt of a signed Catalyst contract.

Marketing and Logistics Deliverables

Q. What are the upcoming deadlines I need to be aware of?
Click here for a timeline of deliverable deadlines.
Q. What additional marketing opportunities are available?
The Catalyst Marketing Kit will be posted here when available.
Q. What additional marketing materials can we supply ourselves
There will be no space available for additional printed marketing collateral. Catalyst participants can use the Virtual Show Bag to store any company datasheets or other company information.  The information included in the Virtual Show Bag will also be available via your project webpage. 

You may submit items such as a company webpage, product webpage or PDF brochures.  Submit directly to Megan Lunde.


Q. How many complimentary passes does my company receive for Catalyst championing?
Each Champion Company will receive the following for each team they participate in:
• 4 Gold Conference Passes for issue to company representatives or clients and prospects

Q. How many complimentary passes does my company receive for Catalyst participation?
Each Participant Company will receive the following for each team they participate in:
  • 2 Exhibitor for company representatives to man their demonstration space
  • 2 Gold Passes to invite their clients and prospects
  • 2 Silver Passes for issue to clients and prospects only

Q. When can I register these passes?
You can register your  passes once you have returned your signed Catalyst Contract. The individual who is responsible for returning the signed contract is responsible for registering the complimentary passes. The link for Registration will be posted here once it is available.
Q. What do I do if I need additional passes?
Additional Gold passes can be purchased via the TM Forum Live! website.  Additional Exhibitor passes can be purchased through exhibitor registration.  Our recommendation is to register these as early as possible to take advantage of early registration discounts.

On Site at TM Forum Live!

Q. Where will my Catalyst be demonstrated?
The Hub is a large, shared space where all Catalysts as well as many TM Forum best practices and standards and collaborative projects are demonstrate. The floor design for TM Forum Live! is now at concept stage. Floor diagrams will be posted here and shared on project calls as they become available.
Q. What will our Catalyst Demonstration Space look like?
The design for The Hub for TM Forum is not yet finalized. Example photos of previous Catalyst Demonstration areas are available here.
Q. What equipment is provided to support our Catalyst demonstration?
Each Catalyst team will receive space within The Hub in which to present their demonstration. In order to achieve consistency in terms of the overall look and feel as well as messaging, this space will be under the design control of TM Forum’s Marketing Department.  Each demo space will be equipped with the following:
  • (1) One locking cabinet
  • (2) Two high back chairs
  • Project signage listing project name and project/participant logos
  • Catalysts with up to 7 participants will receive:
    • (2) two 37” LCD screens,
    • (2) two VGA cables (HDMI cables available upon request)
    • (2) two keyboards
    • (2) two mice
  • (1) One RJ45 hardwired (Dynamic IP address)
  • (1) One network switch
  • Network cables as needed (Cat5e)
  • Wi-fi access (password issued one day prior to Event)
  • Network capacity is a shared resource across all the Catalyst projects (typically 10Mps). If you believe your project has special requirements of capacity needs, please let us know.
  • (2) Two 4-outlet junction boxes
  • (2) Two 5-outlet power strips

Q. What additional equipment can our team bring along?
It may be possible to bring along additional equipment needed to support your demo; however, space is not unlimited. Please forward a list of equipment you would like to bring along to support the demo to Megan Lunde by April 24, 2014 so we can ensure that we can support additional equipment

Q. What kind of network access is available at our Catalyst Demonstration Space?
Network capacity is a shared resource across all the Catalyst projects (typically 10Mps). If you believe your project has special requirements of capacity needs, please let us know.
Q. When do we need to staff our demonstration space?
The Hub build-up and open hours will be posted here as soon as available.  Typically, the space is accessible the day prior to conference open.
Q. What is the recommendation for setting up a schedule for staffing of our Catalyst demonstration space?
Each team needs to determine their own schedule for manning their Catalyst demonstration space. This space must be manned at all times the Hub is open. To optimize traffic flow, leverage the available space and to ensure room for delegates to view your demonstration., we recommend not more than two team members at each Catalyst space during open hours.
Q. When can we begin setup of our Catalyst team equipment?
Exact access time for build-up will be posted here when available. Q. Will there be scheduled VIP Tours of the Catalyst Projects?
Yes, we are planning for one-on-one tours of the Catalyst projects. The VIP Visitor schedule will be posted here once it is confirmed.
Q. Has the Theater Schedule been finalized
The Theater schedule will be finalized as we get closer to the event.
Q. What is the Virtual Show Bag?
The Virtual Show Bag is an online web page where TM Forum will post your company's marketing collateral as detailed in the Catalyst Marketing Plan. You can use the Virtual Show Bag to collect leads of any visitors you have to your demonstration. After the show, TM Forum will send the leads collected the Virtual Show Bag to the team.

Project Results and Outputs

Q. Who can I contact to get further guidance on Catalyst Output requirements?
For guidance on technical content, contact your assigned TM Forum Catalyst Mentor. For any other guidance, please contact Megan Lunde.
Q. What is the role of the Catalyst TM Forum Mentor?
Each Catalyst is assigned a TM Forum staff Mentor who works in an advisory capacity to provide technical guidance and oversight from a Frameworx alignment perspective. The mentor ensures the Catalyst team achieves its goals and contributes to TM Forum Collaboration Program and ensures that functionally the Catalyst does what it sets out to achieve.
Mentor duties include:
- Review and feedback on Catalyst submission.
- Advise as needed and provision of suggestions or ideas for improving the Catalyst.
- Monitoring of relevant Catalyst activity to keep abreast of the team's technical progress.
- Review team output from a technical perspective.
- Review of team's output to ensure they are of a sufficient quality and merit being regarded as a contribution.
- Raise cross-linkages to relevant parties where appropriate.

Q. Who is our TM Forum technical mentor on our Catalyst?
If you are unsure about your Catalyst team's TM Forum technical mentor, please contact the Catalyst Program Manager  who will advise.
Q. Where can I get a suitable template to document Catalyst Results?
The most appropriate template really depends on the type of output of the Catalyst. What is important is that the team get to a level of detail around the specific standards that can add value to the membership. 
Q. How do I post our team’s Catalyst Results back into the TM Forum Best Practices and Standards library?
Following the presentation of the Catalyst at TM Forum Live!, the team posts the results of the project as a formal contribution in their Catalyst project workspace. Under the Contributions tab of the project workspace, click on the Submit New Contribution button and complete the various fields: Title, Description, Submitter Name etc. Then click on Submit. TM Forum staff are unable to do this on your behalf as there is a question around IPR that needs to be completed by the submitter.
Q. What happens to the Catalyst team contribution once it is posted?
Once the Catalyst team's output is posted as a formal contribution, it follows the Collaboration Program Process. Click here for details of the Collaboration Program Process which includes information on the TM Forum approval mechanism for project deliverables and member and public evaluation and comment collection