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Perspectives 2012

Pespectives 2012
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Perspectives is TM Forum's annual publication for senior professionals in the world of digital services.

The latest issue, Perspectives 2012, takes the creation of a truly connected world as its central theme. Communications make up our planet's central nervous system and virtually every aspect of modern life takes place online. With access to some of the industry's leading lights and most sought after journalists and analysts, if you are part of the communications or related industries, whether you sit in the boardroom or stand by the water cooler, make sure that you read Perspectives 2012.

Highlights from this issue include:

Exclusive views from industry visionaries
Erik Hoving, Chief Strategy, Innovation & Technology Officer, KPN Group; Liu Aili, Executive Vice President of China Mobile Communication; Keith Willetts, Chairman, TM Forum and Martin Creaner, CEO and President, TM Forum all explore ways in which service providers can embrace our connected world and work successfully across industry verticals.

Cyber-attacks push security up the corporate agenda
From 'hacktivists' to state-sponsored cyber terrorism, problems are becoming more and more serious but there is an apparent lack of awareness in corporate boardrooms. The good news is that very simple measures can stop up to 80 percent of attacks. We look at how governments and government agencies are tackling threats, and steps that can be taken to improve security.

The era of Big Data brings big challenges
How can companies grapple with huge amounts of data to gain business intelligence?

Show me the money
M2M, mHealth, international money transfer and smart grid connectivity are among mobile communications-related services that many feel could eventually explode in the market. But will they? Or will the development of more efficient approaches to market readiness – approaches like product life-cycle management – have a more lasting effect on mobile operators' bottom lines?

Getting real about data analytics
Analytics are a very hot topic in many industry sectors, perhaps the biggest question regarding their role in communications is how to realize their full value, particularly in the area of making better informed decisions quickly? There is considerable evidence we've a long way to go. Here Rob Rich looks at some of the issues and suggests some remedies.

2020 vision
Get an exclusive preview of TM Forum Chairman Keith Willetts' forthcoming book.

Also inside:

Mobile money
What are the profitable roles for operators in the value chain?

Fighting against fraud
Everybody knows fraud is a huge problem; the big question is how to fix it.

The technology behind the Olympics
Communications will play a vital role in the 2012 Olympics.

Table of Contents

Next steps in the connected digital world

In 'interesting times', don't plan – prepare

Simplification and standardization will support the next wave of innovation

Challenging, but exciting times lie ahead

Global perspectives: The era of flat innovation in communications and why you can't ignore it

Show me the money

Making communications leaner and fitter for the long haul

The era of Big Data brings big opportunities

Is the cable boom over or just beginning?

New frauds join old as operators embrace enterprise risk management

Cyber attacks provel security concerns up the corporate agenda

Let the Games begin, but will technology's benefits end quickly?

Activation and automation are key to successful fiber deployments

The new Oklahoma Land Race

Getting mobile money

How smart is the grid business model?

MSM: the age of the machine

Mobile broadband demand drives real-time charging and billing

Getting from cloud nein to cloud nine

Cloud service brokers aid enterprise customers

Monetizing mobile broadband

Is self-service the answer to better customer experience?

Getting real about data analytics

Spectrum squeeze spurs management innovation

Resource management is critical to viable new services

TM Forum: Building our connected world

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