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Perspectives 2013

Annie Turner

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In the rapidly changing and highly competitive digital world, service providers need to create, manage, deliver and monetize established and new services faster, cheaper and better than ever before. Understanding how to maximize margins on traditional services and hold on to existing customers while also creating profitable new ones is no easy task. The latest issue of Perspectives, TM Forum’s annual thought-leadership magazine sets out to help your organization make confident choices about where to focus strategy, effort and investment.

With contributions from industry visionaries, articles from respected analysts, opinion pieces from senior industry executives and editorial from some of our best journalists, inside we cover all of the hottest topics under debate in boardrooms around the globe.

TM Forum managing director of research Rob Rich shares 10 tips you don’t want to miss on Customer experience, tips he argues that can make a big difference to how customers view their service provider right now.

We feature a two part look at Apps – but not as you know them. HTML5 looms and promises to open up the mobile application world and revolutionize the mobile Internet. Seeing HTML5 simply as a protocol for browsers is largely to miss the point. Financial Times journalist Rod Newing suggests it has the potential to change business models and even open up new revenue streams by creating a level playing field.

Also inside this issue, Dr. Lorien Pratt discusses how delivering APIs for enterprises is big business. She investigates the growing market for enterprise-grade mashups – concluding that communications service providers who follow emerging best practices and exploit their assets are uniquely placed to deliver them.

From game-changing technologies to managed services; from revenue assurance to fraud management; from eHealth to M2M, Perspectives is an essential guide to the opportunities and challenges facing the communications industry now and in the future.


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