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"Defense Industry Integration Meeting" in Washington, DC

In our continuing effort to generate additional standards which ensure service providers, product vendors, and system integrators meet DoD needs, the TM Forum and MITRE co-hosted a meeting at MITRE’s office in McLean, VA. 

Bob Natale, of MITRE and Defense Interest Group co-chair, “As part of its industry outreach, collaboration, and information sharing efforts on behalf of our DoD sponsors, MITRE was delighted to host this event. We were very pleased with the number and quality of product vendors and solution integrators who attended, and with the productive interaction among them, the TM Forum representatives, and personnel from leading DoD NetOps organizations. We are confident that this event – and others organized by the TM Forum’s Defense Interest Group in the future – will help to foster an ever greater selection of standards-based interoperable COTS solutions that better meet DoD needs in the network operations and management domain.”

Over 40 companies in the defense and communications industry were represented, and the following presentations were given:

  1. An overview of the Defense Interest Group - Mr. Bob Natale, MITRE and Defense Interest Group co-chair
  2. TM Forum’s mission, membership, standards & value proposition with an interactive Q&A session - Mr. Martin Creaner, TM Forum President and CTO
  3. The Systems Integration role from a DISN OSS Perspective and the need for TM Forum standards - Mr. Manuel Hermosilla, OSS Chief for the U.S. Department of Defense (Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA)
  4. TM Forum Defense Interest Group’s work-in-progress - Ms. Christy Coffey, TM Forum Defense Sector Head