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Media Alert: TM Forum Inks Deal to Use Security Innovation Network (SINET) Taxonomy for Frameworx Enhancement Project

The TM Forum has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the Security Innovation Network (SINET) for use of their Security Taxonomy Definitions—brief definitions of the approximately 140 different IT security sectors as defined by the organization. SINET is a community builder and a strategic advisor with a mission to advance innovation and enable global collaboration between the public and private sectors to defeat cyber security threats.

SINET’s taxonomy organizes and depicts the full span of cyber security technologies available to commercial end users. The TM Forum plans to incorporate this taxonomy into a future release of its Frameworx suite of standards in an effort to help standardize and refine the terminology used to describe security technologies worldwide.

“SINET’s taxonomy has been used for over a decade and continues to change to reflect the dynamic nature of the security industry,” said John Muir, managing director for SINET. “The technologies are arranged in 17 security themed categories with approximately 150 sub-categories.”    

“At TM Forum, one of our top priorities is making cyber security management industry best practices and standards implementable through Frameworx,” said Christy Coffey, TM Forum Security Management Director. “SINET’s taxonomy is a valuable contribution to the TM Forum and an important addition to Frameworx because it instantly gives our members access to SINET’s taxonomy classification of over 1,000 security products, ultimately making the application of cyber security standards and best practices easier and more cost-effective than ever before.”

Companion Cyber Security Webinar

To learn how TM Forum covers the critical topic of cyber security, register now for a free webinar, Reducing the Threat Landscape – Frameworx Best Practices for Security Management, on Oct. 10, 2012 at 10 a.m. EST. Cyber security experts from DSTL, The MITRE Corp., and TOA Technologies will discuss:

  • TM Forum’s Frameworx best practices and standards for security management – what exists today and what’s coming in the 12.5 release (information, processes and application taxonomy)
  • Cyber operations metrics (KPIs) developed by TM Forum to measure best practices produced by SANS, the Defence Signals Directorate, NIST and the NSA
  • An overview of the CyberOps Metrics Catalyst project slated for Management World Americas 2012 that aims to demonstrate that patch management SLA metrics in cyber security management can be implemented, measured and contracted across the supply chain 

About SINET:

The mission of the Security Innovation Network™ (SINET) is to advance innovation and enable global collaboration between the public and private sectors to defeat Cybersecurity threats. SINET increases awareness between builders, buyers, researchers and investors in the Cybersecurity domain, in particular the Defense Industrial Base and the Federal Government. SINET connects the ecosystem of the entrepreneur through creative collaboration with leaders from the Federal Government, IT and security providers, systems integration, venture capital, investment banking, academic and science communities, and other emerging growth companies.  Learn more at: http://www.security-innovation.org/.

About TM Forum:

TM Forum is a global, non-profit industry association focused on enabling service provider agility and innovation. As an established thought-leader in service creation, management and delivery, the Forum serves as a unifying force across industries, enabling more than 900 member companies worldwide to solve critical business issues through access to a wealth of knowledge, intellectual capital and standards.

The Forum provides a unique, fair and safe environment for the entire value-chain to collaborate and overcome the barriers to a vibrant, open digital economy, helping member companies of all sizes gain a competitive edge by enabling efficiency and agility in their IT and operations. For more information about TM Forum, visit www.tmforum.org.

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