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New Book by Keith Willetts Gives No-Holds-Barred Look at Impact of Digital Economy

Management World 2012, Dublin, Ireland—May 22, 2012—In a revealing new book “Unzipping the Digital World, launched today at TM Forum’s flagship conference and Expo, Management World 2012, TM Forum’s Founder and Chairman, Keith Willetts gives an eye-opening view into how the rapidly evolving digital economy is permanently changing the world.


Subtitled “How to Thrive and Survive” the book examines the market drivers, opportunities and threats that the digital world is creating and lays out a series of practical steps on how today’s giants can exploit the digital world and avoid the fate of digital casualties like Kodak, MySpace and the record industry.


In “Unzipping the Digital World,” Willetts outlines the digital tsunami that is being powered by the massive rise in global connectivity, the rapid evolution of cloud services, and the enormous advances in smart devices. He unzips the market to dissect the emerging digital ecosystem, looking at where different players are moving or should move in order to capture a growing slice of what he likens to a digital version of the Wild West. In a characteristically blunt, practical and good humored style, Willetts offers numerous tips and timely advice on what companies need to do to thrive and survive, and his thoughts on the fate of companies that don’t change quickly enough may make uncomfortable reading for some.


“Change brings opportunity but it often damages the established order,” said Willetts. “With the digital world driving the most profound shift we’ve ever seen there will be a lot of both, much faster than many people think.”


The book provides lessons for every industry, but particularly focuses on the communications sector which is simultaneously a key enabler of the digital world but also a sector under major threat. Willetts explains that in order to prosper in this digital world, companies need visionary leadership, speed, agility, innovation, and the ability to deliver outstanding customer experience and manage partnerships highly effectively. They must also learn how to master Big Data and turn it from worthless lead into information gold. At the same time, regulators need to shift from their traditional role to ensure that an open digital economy evolves—not a series of closed worlds dominated by a few big companies—encouraging a climate for investment and ensuring that personal privacy is protected.


“Unzipping the Digital World” has already received numerous very positive comments from around the world:

Paul Berriman, Chief Technology Officer, at Hong Kong’s PCCW said, “Two thumbs up! The future for operators will come from exploiting new sources of revenue in the digital world which are so well set out and explored in this book.”


“Many operators and suppliers are struggling to reinvent themselves and this book provides valuable insights into why this is such a hard transition,” said Michael Lawrey, Executive Director, Defence Engagement, Telstra Enterprise and Government.


Kevin Peters, Executive Vice President, AT&T Global Customer Service, said, “I thoroughly enjoyed the book. Keith has a fundamental grasp of the evolving trends in the digital world, strengthened by his years of immersion within the industry and exposure to the strengths of the heavyweight participants.”


Willetts is well-known around the world as an influential speaker and writer. He has received many industry honors, including being listed among the top 100 influencers in the communications industry on multiple occasions. He also received the Global Telecoms Business lifetime achievement award for being the driving force behind TM Forum’s continued evolution and success.


TM Forum is hosting an exclusive book signing event with Willetts on the expo floor of Management World 2012 in the Forumville booth on Tuesday, May 22, from 6-7 p.m.


“Unzipping the Digital World,” is available in two formats: e-pub for Kindle, US $49.99, and hardback, US $64.99, from TM Forum’s online bookstore, onsite at Management World 2012, at future TM Forum events and from Amazon.com.



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