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January 17-21, 2011
Hotel Concorde la Fayette, Paris, France

TM Forum’s Team Action Week, is the industry’s premier “working event” for cultivating and improving standards, best practices and guidelines. Attending Team Action Week can be a great way to start collaborating and see an immediate return on your membership investment.

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   Frameworx Spotlight  Frameworx Workshop  Event Program

TM Forum Frameworx Spotlight
Monday, January 17th
This one-day Spotlight offers attendees a comprehensive introduction to TM Forum’s Collaborative R&D Program and Frameworx standard. Featuring case study presentations from leading service providers, along with roundtable discussions to set the development roadmap for key standards.
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TM Forum Frameworx Workshop
Tuesday, January 18th
The free-to-attend Frameworx Workshop offers service providers an in-depth introduction to TM Forum’s Frameworx standard. Featuring sessions on TM Forum Benchmarking, Procurement Guides and Conformance Certification, Please note numbers are limited and this workshop is strictly for communications service providers only.
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Collaboration Team Meetings
Tuesday, January 18th – Friday, January 21st
Over 38 collaboration teams will come together and collaborate face-to-face. While learning about the latest best practices, standards and technologies , each team will set direction across larger strategic areas and devise future roadmaps for future work.

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Representatives from the following industry leaders have attended:
amdocs at&t  ca Chunghwa Telecom  Cox Deutsche Telecom Ericsson
HP IBM Microsoft Progress Software Subex Telcordia Vodafone

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