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Customer Contact Retention & Loyalty

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Customer Contact Retention & Loyalty
These allow an enterprise to track contact with customers from a variety of sources and enables interactions with the customer to be informed by a complete history of previous interactions and relevant information, such as billing queries or service problems. Some systems can highlight customers at risk of switching suppliers and can provide comparison data on other operators’ service packages to help the agent persuade a customer to stay.
These applications’ functions can include: customer identity verification and authentication; the ability to build customer profiles through collection of life stage, household type, community of interest and so on; the ability to analyze and manage customers’ risk factors such as credit, fraud and churn risks, the ability personalize customer profiles for retention and loyalty; the ability to validate customer satisfaction and ensure issues have been resolved.
Customer Contact Retention & Loyalty
Product/Service NameCompany
1CustomerView MULTICOM d.o.o.
Agama DTV Monitoring Solution Agama Technologies
Agama DTV Monitoring Solution Agama Technologies
Alcatel-Lucent 8960 Telco Business Intelligence Alcatel-Lucent
Alcatel-Lucent’s Contact Center Solution Alcatel-Lucent
Amdocs Analytics Connector Amdocs Management Limited
Amdocs Customer Interaction Manager Amdocs Management Limited
Amdocs Multimedia Integrator Amdocs Management Limited
Amdocs Script Manager Amdocs Management Limited
Application Development & Management Tech Mahindra Limited
Application Service Management Tech Mahindra Limited
B/OSS Tech Mahindra Limited
BAssured™ Customer Value and Churn Management AssuringBusiness Pte Ltd
BAssured™ Receivables Management AssuringBusiness Pte Ltd
Bill Formatter MULTICOM d.o.o.
BPO Services Tech Mahindra Limited
Business Intelligence Tech Mahindra Limited
Business Support System (BSS) ZTEsoft Technology Co., Ltd
CBOSS Billing and Customer Care System (CBOSSbcc) CBOSS
CBOSS Real Time Billing (CBOSSrtb) CBOSS
CBOSSbcc option:: Internet Sales Point (CBOSSisp) CBOSS
CBOSSbcc option:: Marketing Campaign Management (CBOSSmcm) CBOSS
CBOSSbcc option:: Web Customer Care (CBOSSwcc) CBOSS
CBOSSconvergence Hi-End CBOSS
CBOSSconvergence Mid-Range CBOSS
CC&B Solution for 3G ZTEsoft Technology Co., Ltd
CC&B Solution for Wireless ZTEsoft Technology Co., Ltd
CC360 - Customer Care Qvantel Software Solutions Ltd.
CE3: Customer Experience Enhancement Engine Tech Mahindra Limited
CellVision mBOSS CellVision
Century Customer Manager Excelacom, Inc.
Century Test Suite Excelacom, Inc.
Cerillion CRM Plus Cerillion Technologies Limited
Clarity Customer Manager Clarity
Comarch Self Care Comarch S.A.
Comverse ONE Billing & Active Customer Management Solution Comverse
Converged Billing AdvOSS
Crestel- Convergent Billing Framework Elitecore Technologies Limited
CSG ACP CSG International
CSG Interactivate CSG International
Customer Analytics Cognizant Technology Solutions
Customer Communication Center (CCC) CSG International
Dynamics CRM Microsoft Corporation
Enterprise Application Integration Tech Mahindra Limited
ETAdirect TOA Technologies, Inc.
HP CentralView Hewlett-Packard
HP CentralView Customer Retention Maximization Hewlett-Packard
Huawei - Enterprise Customer Relationship Management Solution Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd
Huawei BSS/OSS Managed Services Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd
Huawei CRM solution Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd
Huawei NGBSS Solution Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd
Ignite - Data Analytics and Business Intelligence Cliintel
Infonova BSS R6 Infonova
IT Solutions Consulting Tech Mahindra Limited
ITIL Consultancy BSM impact Limited
Loyalty Platform Globetom
Managed Solutions Cartesian
Management Consulting Deloitte
MIB (MVNO-In-a-Box) Tech Mahindra Limited
Mobile Value Added Services Tech Mahindra Limited
NetCracker Customer SLA/QoS Management NetCracker Technology
NetCracker TOMS 9.0 NetCracker Technology
OCM - Office Connections Manager TM AIST Limited
OneVu Velocent Systems, Inc
Ontology 4 Platform Ontology Systems
Ontology Intelligent 360 Ontology Systems
Openet Profile Manager Openet
Openet Subscriber Engagement Engine Openet
OSS/BSS and Enterprise Service Engineering AIST Limited
Prepaid and top-up Nokia Solutions and Networks
QBSS- Business Support Systems from the Cloud Qvantel Software Solutions Ltd.
Radian6 Salesforce.com
RIS ChurnIntegrator RAO Infosystems
RIS QoEIntegrator RAO Infosystems
Sales Cloud 2 Salesforce.com
Salesforce.com / Force.com Consulting Graphene
SAS® Telecommunications Intelligence Solutions SAS Institute, Inc
Service Cloud 2 Salesforce.com
Solutions & Integration Services Optare Solutions
SOLVATiO® - Automated Assurance iisy AG
SOLVATiO® - Automated Assurance iisy AG
System Integration Tech Mahindra Limited
System Integration 2.0 Tech Mahindra Limited
Tech Mahindra’s Offerings Leveraging Tele Management Forum Standards Tech Mahindra Limited
Tecnotree Agility™ Care Tecnotree
Tecnotree Agility™ Customer Lifecycle Management Tecnotree
Tecnotree Agility™ Loyalty Management Tecnotree
Telecommunication Operator Transformation Tech Mahindra Limited
Unified Assurance Tektronix Communications
uniserve™ 360 Intense technologies limited
uniserve™ CorpCare Intense technologies limited
uniserve™ Engage Intense technologies limited
Veris BI AsiaInfo, Inc.
Veris CRM AsiaInfo, Inc.
Vitria Operational Intelligence (OI) Vitria Technology, Inc.
ZSmart Integrated Prepaid & Postpaid Solution ZTEsoft Technology Co., Ltd
ZSmart OCS Solution ZTEsoft Technology Co., Ltd


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