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Government & Defense

Recent Project Success

Defense 5 Areas of Interest

  • Cloud Management for Defense
  • Policy Management
  • Spectrum/SATCOM Management
  • Security Management/Cyber Defense
  • Federated Service Management

Defense-Related Work Efforts in the TM Forum Collaboration Community

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Defense-Related Publications

Policy Management

  • US DoD Policy Information Exchange Model & Whitepaper contribution incorporated into TM Forum’s Information Framework
  • Policy Information Exchange Interfaces

Security Management/Cyber Defense

  • NSA Network Defense Data Model & Whitepaper incorporated into TM Forum’s Information Framework
  • Cyber Defense Use Cases mapped to TM Forum’s Business Process Framework


  • Network Management/Spectrum Management Integration Military Use Cases
  • Spectrum Management Use Cases mapped to TM Forum’s Business Process Framework

Success in Security Management

The need to secure cyberspace is now a universal mandate. Service providers, applications developers, and solution integrators all recognize their responsibility to take pre-emptive action in all aspects of network and data security. With these challenges in mind, TM Forum looked to our Defense Initiative Community for as a source of expertise and has established the Security Management Initiative based upon the Initiatives pioneering work in this area.

The initiative has expanded to include best practices on end-to-end security management plus guidance on full-spectrum Security Management including architecture, processes, information and data models, applications, interfaces, and compliance testing. To learn more and get involved, visit www.tmforum.org/community

The Defense Initiative’s Catalyst Project - Federated Service Level Management to Support Multi-National Preparedness in Crisis - has been named as a Laureate in Computerworld’s 2011 Honors Program.

Selected from more than 1,000 entries, this pioneering Catalyst project defines a blueprint for the rapid rollout of critical communications services across a federation of multi-national partners and stakeholders, helping in the rapid deployment of reliable communications infrastructure in disaster situations.