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Redefining the User Experience with Big Data Analytics

Date: Tuesday, March 13, 2012


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Steven Kish

Director of Product Management, Empirix

Scott Howser

VP of Product Marketing, Vertica, An HP Company

With the explosive growth of smart phones and the tremendous strain they put on network resources, service providers need every advantage when it comes to providing a great customer experience.

Understanding the impact evolving application, device and network requirements have on customer experience is vital for success. Providing greater visibility into each subscriber’s experience, Big Data Analytics has emerged as an important solution.

Join our webinar as we discuss the how and why of Big Data Analytics as well as real world use cases from other industries such as gaming and banking. We will also cover:

  • The definition of “Big Data Analytics” and why it is important to today’s service providers
  • How real-time analytics is changing the way service providers interact with customers and enrich user experience
  • Monetizing all of a company’s information with Big Data Analytics
  • Key benefits of high performance, embeddable software and OEM partnerships
  • Redefining the user experience through a comprehensive analysis of real-time customer, application, service and bandwidth data
  • Developing new revenue streams and customer retention programs based on actual usage instead of guesses

Register now and find out how service providers enterprises can gain insight from the massive amount of network, customer, and operational data they generate and use it to retain customers and reduce churn.

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