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Business Process Framework

Frameworx is constantly evolving to work in harmony with other critical industry standards, enabling you to utilize multiple standards together to address different issues for your business.


Information and Communication Technology (ICT) enterprises face real challenges in knitting together their service delivery to their users with their IT support for the service-oriented solutions that they deploy. In many cases, this leads to parallel activity within the enterprises, and duplication of effort and resources.

ICT Enterprises can leverage the past experience of the IT service and telecommunications industry in the operations space by simultaneously adopting two of most successful approaches, ITIL and the Business process Framework (eTOM).

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ITIL encompasses  a set of “good practices” that are widely recognized and applied, and shows how these can be orchestrated in a service management lifecycle. TM Forum’s Business Process (eTOM) and Information (SID) Frameworks deliver a reusable, agreed, and widely adopted service-oriented architecture, with processes that can be linked directly with ITIL’s good practices.

For companies struggling to blend these needs, clear business advantage can be gained by applying these Frameworks together to get the best of both worlds. Service organizations implementing these practices simultaneously can lower capital and operating cost, as well as reducing deployment risk, software vendor lock-in and integration complexity.


As one of the world's leading telecommunications operators, France Telecom Orange, which provides services in several countries, is constantly endeavoring to share best practices among its subsidiaries, with solution providers and its business customers and partners; hence, France Telecom Orange wishes to leverage on TM Forum eTOM and itSMF ITIL, and is especially interested in reaching real coherence between them."
- Laurent LeBoucher, Global IS & Technology Chief Architect,
France Telecom Orange

At Reliance Communications, we see a lot of value in leveraging the TMForum Business Process Framework for ITIL incident management. This integration shall streamline the processes across IT and the business. It shall also eliminate operational redundancy and ensure better service delivery."
- Ms Alpna Doshi, Chief Information Officer, Reliance Group, Chief Executive Officer, Reliance Tech Services

Watch a Webinar

To learn more watch the pre-recorded webinar presented by subject matter experts at TM Forum and ITIL called “ITIL and Business Process Framework Working Together”. This 45 minute webinar, recorded in January 2012,  will provide you with more detailed information on itSMF and ITIL standards as well as an overview of the Business Process Framework and a demonstration of how the two work together using ITIL Change Management.

How to Adopt Both Standards

The Business Process Framework fully defines a mechanism for delivering ITIL-aligned services using eTOM processes. These mechanisms have been applied commercially and proven in practice by TM Forum members.

For members who want to implement ITIL Practices in conjunction with the Business Process Framework we have developed three documents to help you and all three of them can be downloaded as part of the Getting Started Pack in our latest Download Center.

GB 921-W Working Together -- eTOM and ITIL (Approximately 15 pages)

This document focuses on the overview of how the two frameworks - ITIL and the Business Process Framework (eTOM) - can work together. The frameworks are complementary and the support each provides is compatible with the other and adds to it. Thus, it is feasible and practical to deliver ITIL “good practice” services using process flows built using eTOM.

GB-921-L Leveraging Process Elements and Process Flows in Support of ITIL (Approximately 14 pages)

This document focuses on the methodology to develop more detail on an integrated view between ITIL and eTOM, with some examples to show how this can work in practice.

TR-143 Building Bridges: ITIL and eTOM (Approximately 70 pages)

A Technical Report prepared jointly with itSMF (the separate trade body whose members develop ITIL) which explores the relationship between the ITIL “good practice” framework and the work of TM Forum (in particular, the Business Process Framework) including some recommendations for evolution of the Business Process Framework to strengthen linkage with ITIL. Outcomes of this work have been implemented and are documented in Business Process Framework document GB921D.
Also available to TM Forum members are Quick Start Packs that demonstrate how to extend the combined Business Process Framework and ITIL processes through to Level 4 decomposition.

QSP GB957 Quick Start Pack – Trouble to Resolve

In terms of the Business Process Framework (eTOM), the scope of this Quick Start Pack is the set of level 2 processes in the Assurance vertical that are related to Problem / Trouble Management (as opposed to Quality or Performance Management):
  • Problem Handling within Customer Relationship Management
  • Service Problem Management within Service Management & Operations
  • Resource Trouble Management within Resource Management & Operations

In terms of the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL), the scope of this Quick Start Pack encompasses activities within Event Management, Incident Management, and Problem Management.

QSP GB959 Quick Start Pack: Fulfillment

This Quick Start Pack and guide book reconciles the perspective of many standards and organizations including NICC, NBNCO/CA, ITIL, eTOM, SID and BPMS inputs to identify and describe:

  • A set of customer-to-business (C2B) and business-to-business (B2B) business scenarios and business interactions.
  • A set of end-to-end business processes that integrate ITIL activities
  • A set of key metrics and their collection points
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