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Revenue Assurance

Enabling Profits

In today’s hyper-competitive market, improving margins is an essential focus for service providers. That makes revenue protection a critical component in your business. From service provision to cash collection, there are limitless opportunities for revenue to seep through the cracks–especially in a world of convergent services and extended partner value-chains.

Many service providers today use an ad-hoc and reactive approach to revenue assurance. This proves ineffective in today’s operating conditions. To succeed, you need a holistic approach that spans your business and operational processes, systems, and data.

TM Forum is leading the way in developing this holistic approach to revenue assurance by creating best practices, standardizing the language and processes of revenue assurance, and defining a comprehensive Revenue Assurance Maturity Model, Revenue Assurance Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), and an industry-wide benchmarking program.

TM Forum’s Revenue Assurance Solutions Suite and Revenue Assurance Training and Certification programs provide the tools you need to improve the maturity of and transition to a successful revenue assurance program.


Listen to the Optimus video testimonial.

"The TM Forum Revenue Assurance team and its deliverables are instrumental and have a direct impact and contribution to Telefonica group RA operations, and improving our business performance."

– Gabriela Sobral-Gil – Revenue Assurance Director, Telefonica International

Business Benefits
  1. Improve the maturity of your Revenue Assurance organization
  2. Take a holistic approach to Revenue Assurance
  3. Protect your revenue stream
  4. Identify almost 100 revenue leakage points systematically
  5. Improve customer satisfaction with accurate billing and charging
  6. Money recaptured through revenue assurance goes right to the bottom line
  7. Save time and money by utilizing TM Forum’s proven Revenue Assurance methodologies rather than creating your own program
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