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Revenue Assurance Impact Measurement Catalyst
Making an Impact!
An industry best practice and proposed model for measuring and reporting the financial impact of Revenue Assurance, including preventive and risk reduction activities.
Business Proposition

  • Deliver more value beyond revenue leakage detection – becoming part of new product planning, preventative, and risk reduction activities
  • Measuring and reporting a wider business impact of RA
  • Enhance the effectiveness of RA budget allocation and prioritization

TM Forum Standards in Use
or Development

  • Enhancement for the TM Forum’s Revenue Assurance Guide Book (GB-941)
  • Establish a basis for a new TM Forum Revenue Assurance Benchmark Study
  • Develop a new set of tactical and operational KPIs/Business Metrics, and associate them with eTOM process elements

Team Member Contributions


Demonstration Scenarios

  • Reactive Revenue Assurance Impact Model
  • Proactive Revenue Assurance Impact Model
  • Revenue Assurance Risk Reduction Impact Model
  • Display KPIs derived from ongoing business processes

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Downloads and Links
Project Datasheet
cVidya Company Profile
Swisscom Web link
Ericsson Datasheet
Progress: OVA Datasheet
Catalyst Preview Webinar
Inside Revenue Management March 4 Issue

Customer Champion Quote

"Measuring and reporting the financial impact of revenue assurance, including the value of preventive and risk reduction activities, is a high priority industry challenge. This Catalyst is setting the ground for a framework of best practices and an agreed upon industry standard."
Loreen Edkins, Senior Enterprise Architect – MTS Allstream