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Service Provider Leadership Council

The Service Provider Leadership Council (SPLC) allows Service Providers to provide thought leadership to ensure that TM Forum initiatives address Service Providers’ current pain points and strategic directions.

The SPLC works closely with the TM Forum Collaboration Program leadership to provide a Service Providers’ view of the prioritization of TM Forum activities based on cross industry Service Provider requirements.

The SPLC provides the TM Forum, as a whole, and the individual teams, with a collective service provider view. The SPLC focuses on how the strategic goals of service providers can be met and the effect that these goals will have on existing (and new) TM Forum Collaboration Program teams.

The goals of the SPLC are to provide thought leadership to guide TM Forum Frameworx roadmap and initiatives. The core functions are twofold:

  • Indentify and documenting service providers’ current pain points and strategic directions;
  • Review TM Forum Product and program proposals for fit with needs and priorities.

Current Activities include:

  • Security and SLA needs for Cloud and Digital Services
  • B2B process for Wholesale services here
  • Converged Fixed Mobile Network Management
  • Analysis of detailed SP Requirements within the TM Forum Strategic Plan FY12-13
  • Development of a FY12-13 Roadmap of SPLC activities here
  • Service Provider RFX Procurement requirements and impact on Frameworx
  • AW MAdrid 2013 DIgital Service Roundtable  Survey results here

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      Ask the SPLC
      If you would like to submit a question to the SPLC for their consideration, please email us at questionforsplc@tmforum.org.