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Software Enabled Services Mgmt

Empowering Service Providers With an Efficient Software Enabled Services (SES) Management Solution Across the Services Lifecycle

Do you need an agile service delivery environment that integrates all the functions required in a service’s lifecycle?

Do you need to accommodate market changes and customer preferences with increased flexibility?

The delivery of next-generation services has become highly complex. Today’s media-rich, converged services
  • Use a variety of network infrastructures, both telecom and IT
  • Are customized for small target markets, including the market of one, and
  • Are composed of individual service elements that may be acquired from or exposed to third parties.
To be profitable in this complex environment, service providers must standardize and automate service delivery processes across service life cycles so that services can be created and delivered as rapidly as the market demands.

Service Delivery Lifecycle

Supporting these needs, the TM Forum Software Enabled Services (SES) Management Solution program’s business objectives are to:

  • Minimize the cost and cycle time to translate service ideas into market offerings
  • Reduce cost by repurposing existing content and applications
  • Adapt swiftly to market changes and customer preferences.

To accomplish these objectives the Software Enabled Services (SES) Management Solution program defines a conceptual management structure enabling the delivery of next generation services — independent of the underlying software or network technologies used to implement those services. This service delivery management structure addresses the full services lifecycle, covering such important use cases as concept-to-cash, service marketplace, service composition or aggregation, and service catalogs.

The program describes the service delivery management landscape and provides a reference model and a reference architecture of the essential building blocks needed to manage the delivery of next-generation services. The reference model and architecture form the basis for detailed service delivery management requirements.

Existing TM Forum frameworks, such as Business Process Framework (eTOM), Information Framework (SID), and Applications Framework (TAM), are leveraged or enhanced to meet these requirements. New service delivery management capabilities will be identified and created as needed, e.g., to support the management of content and media-rich services.

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Business Benefits
  • Achieve flexible service delivery through integration of functions required for service lifecycle management.
  • Manage the complete lifecycle in a Service Oriented Architecture.
  • Maintain control of service lifecycle management across all execution environments.
  • Freedom to architect Service Delivery Platforms (SDPs) regardless of vendor and supplier choices.
 Current Deliverables
  • Service Delivery Framework (SDF) Charter, Phase III defines a management framework enabling effective service delivery in the context of emerging industry trends such as Web 2.0 and converged services.
  • Service Delivery Framework - Business Agreement (TMF 519) addresses the requirements for the flexible and efficient Service Lifecycle Management of next-generation services. It includes Business Objectives, Technical Principles and categorizes requirements for Infrastructure; Managed Entities; Management; Functional Capabilities; Support for Customer, Supplier and Partner relationships.
  • Service Delivery Framework Overview, Release 2.0 (TR139) identifies the necessity for the Service Delivery Framework (SDF) Program, with the objective of providing a reference in the industry for management of “next generation services."
  • Service Delivery Framework - Industry Groups Positioning Document Version 2.0 (TR141) contains the summary of the information gathered and agreed upon by all parties concerned. Various items for possible collaborative work are identified in the individual sections which address the contributions from each Industry Group. In addition there are some overall collaborative views expressed in a “Conclusions” section at the end of the document
  • TM Forum - Service Delivery Framework (SDF) Industry Groups – shared documents has been created for collaboration among Industry Groups who are working with TM Forum on Service Delivery Framework developments. All documents in this space are provided by Industry Groups who consider that the supply of their documentation is essential for the further development of SES Management Solution.

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