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TM Forum Home TM Forum's Customer Experience Management Summit 2013 is Nov 26-27, 2013. Join us next year in KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA!
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Graeme Pearcey

Customer Experience Lead, Asia Pacific, Microsoft Corporation
Currently operating in Customer Operations and Customer Experience Management throughout China, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Indonesia, Australia, India & New Zealand to improve Customer Experience for Skype.

4:30 PM  - 5:00 PM
Controlling and Reducing Costs in CEM
How customer self-service can transform your margins
• How to make your customer self-service portal effective, user-friendly and time efficient
• The benefits of self service from the customers' perspective
• Localization versus culturalization: How does it help your organization?
• Achieving the right balance between customer experience and and cost reduction (cost to serve versus cost of sale)
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