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Paulo Salome

CRM Director, ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corporation
Paulo Salome is Head - CRM Solutions at ABS-CBN Corporation (PSE: ABS and ABSP). ABS-CBN is the Philippines' largest information and entertainment multimedia conglomerate and operates Sky Cable, the country's largest cable TV service provider. The CRM Solutions Department which Paulo manages is composed of the Customer Analytics Unit and the CRM Operations Unit, which oversees customer data management, data warehousing and campaign management for ABS-CBN and its subsidiaries.

3:00 PM  - 3:30 PM
Successful CEM implementations to lead to profitable growth
Panel Discussion: Improving Customer Lifecycle Value with ‘Customers as Assets’
• Implementing customer analytics and Customer Lifecycle Value (CLV) to determine future profitability
• Analyzing customer data to determine CLV
• Key successful elements for implementing end-to-end customer analytics
• Measuring profit momentum to achieve accurate forecasts during product development
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