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TM Forum Home August 6-7, 2013| Johannesburg, South Africa

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Selection Process & Guidelines

One of the benefits members feel strongly about is the opportunity to speak at TM Forum events. To help guide you through the submission process, please review the below information on the selection process and guidelines.


For any TM Forum event, we typically receive as many as five times the number of submissions through the Call for Speakers than we have space for on the event agenda. Because of this heavy competition, we encourage you to take the necessary steps to make your submission stand out from the crowd!

We have a fair and equitable process to ensure that the most compelling and relevant talks and speakers are given the opportunity to present at our events. All speaking opportunities are awarded on the basis of merit and quality of the submission, which we believe is one of the critical success factors for all our events. It is not possible to purchase a speaking slot by taking a sponsorship or spending money with us. While we certainly appreciate all of our sponsors, your support does not provide a guarantee of being selected.

Selected submissions will generally adhere to one or more of the following guidelines:

  • The submission includes the involvement of a service provider/client speaker who can share their experiences in person
  • The submission subject area was identified as a ‘hot topic’ for the industry according to our market research
  • The submission meets one of the Events/Production team objectives
  • The submission supports a TM Forum program or priority

Further information on the basic acceptance criteria outlined above:

Speaker credentials


  • From the service provider/client, the speaker should be a decision-maker from the case study that is being presented, and the more high level the speaker is, the better for your submission. We would like the service provider speaker to be familiar with the project being presented.
  • From the vendor/supplier, the speaker should be someone high level - Director or above - and not from Sales or Marketing.

Proposed topic

  • Unless focused on a cutting edge topic, the submission needs to focus mainly on a specific business or technical challenge or opportunity. A theoretical overview of an issue is not satisfactory. We want presentations that provide insight into how to solve problems or leverage an opportunity.
  • Case studies should show what this issue was, what steps were taken to resolve it, and what the results were, including data where possible. The more specifics, the better.
  • The submission should be a new and original topic; not previously presented at past events – including both TM Forum and external.
  • If the topic isn’t new, submissions should feature a new or unique angle on the topic. Presentations that appear ‘well-trodden’ will not be considered.
  • Submissions based around the presenter’s opinion of an issue are generally not accepted, unless the person is considered an industry thought-leader. Opinion-based presentations will, for the most part, be handled as part of our recruitment outreach.
  • Sales pitches will not be tolerated!  Avoid product-specific submissions.

TM Forum objectives

  • The submission subject is highly relevant to the current objectives of a particular TM Forum Collaboration, Catalyst program or initiative.
  • The submission subject has been outlined as of strategic importance by a member of the Board/ Senior Executive team.
Content quality improvement
  • We are actively trying to increase the proportion of outreach speakers on our programs, this means that fewer speakers will be accepted from the Call for Speakers campaign.
  • We aim to include as many of the world’s top 100 service providers as possible.
  • We aim to increase the proportion of mobile service providers on the program.
  • We aim to eliminate sales pitches.
  • We aim to encourage more interactivity within the program.
  • We aim to improve the quality and seniority of speakers.
  • We aim to include more cross-industry speakers and rejuvenate the program with fresh perspectives.

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