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Submit a White Paper

To submit a white paper for consideration please email it to swray@tmforum.org

Who can submit?
A TM Forum member or member company can make a submission. In normal circumstances, the TM Forum principal contact, or the member’s marketing or public relations officers will make the submission. The management of the member company must approve the content.

If a paper is submitted directly from the author we may make inquiries to ensure the paper has been approved – so please don’t take offence if we check.

Must include
Each white paper must include Title, Author(s), Company name, Abstract (50-100 words), and Date (when written, not when submitted).

Submission is completely free to members – this is a TM Forum member benefit.

Proof reading
The white paper should be checked for spelling and grammatical errors before submission. This is your white paper and we don’t accept any responsibility for mistakes.

The paper should be submitted as a PDF (Acrobat file).

Your paper will go through a TM Forum review process to ensure that the quality and usefulness of the content is high. We therefore reserve the right to reject or suggest amendments. We will always aim to give useful feedback and keep you updated.

The subject and contents of a white paper can be general in their scope. In order to pass our internal review we ask either that your white paper focus on the industry issues explored currently through TM Forum’s agenda or that it is aligned with TM Forum’s vision, mission and goals.

TM Forum-related inaccuracies
Where we consider that TM Forum-specific information is being misrepresented, we may suggest changes. Please make sure that TM Forum acronyms are accurate. You can find a complete list here

Being overtly commercial
TM Forum believes white papers should offer a relatively ‘disinterested’ set of ideas up for debate or as a body of information. While we understand that enterprises have a broad agenda to advance their branding, implant their approach in their community of interest, and persuade potential customers, we think that these objectives should be implicit, rather than explicit, in a white paper.

It is OK to mention your own products or projects in the context of providing an example or case study, but this should be restrained and informational.

To submit a white paper for consideration please email it to agoggins@tmforum.org

* Please note that during busy periods prior to our larger events (Management World events or Action Weeks) we may not be able to process your paper . As a rough guideline we ask that white papers to be live on our site must be submitted two weeks prior to any show to ensure timely review and uploading.