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TM Forum Training

TM Forum Certification

Show your personal and corporate commitment to effective, efficient business operations.

Why should you consider official TM Forum Training & Certification?

  • Develop your career
  • Demonstrate essential market skills
  • Display your knowledge
Career Certified Individuals Individuals en route to career certification

TM Forum Training and Certification together provide a consistent approach to Frameworx education across the industry so service providers can more easily source the skills they demand to reduce risk, increase speed of service deployment, and lower costs.

TM Forum Certified individuals are better prepared to deal with the challenges faced by the industry today.

Knowledge Certification is awarded to individuals who attend a course and pass the associated exam.
Knowledge certification is awarded at two levels – Foundation Level Certification is awarded for Introductory and Distilled courses and Practitioner Level Certification for those who sit the exams associated with the workshop courses.

TM Forum Students!

If you have ever attended TM Forum training and passed an exam you may be closer to Career Certification than you think! See below for a description of available career certifications and check-out your certification status using our certification search


TM Forum certification paths are designed to help you – Measure and communicate your organizational knowledge. Invest in TM Forum training with confidence that the results are measurable and certified. Provide a useful career planning tool with defined technical career paths

Career Certification is awarded to TM Forum members who attend a series of courses and pass the associated exams. Individuals who have achieved a Career Certification with TM Forum have demonstrated useful combinations of knowledge that enable them to make a positive contribution to the business.

Communications service provider demand for supplier conformance to Frameworx continues to accelerate at unprecedented rates. Join the more than 4,000 individuals worldwide who are now certified.

Certification is only available to TM Forum members.

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