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TM Forum Solution Excellence Award

TM Forum Solution Excellence Award

Conceptwave Profit pressures. Complex bundles and services. Legacy systems. . . Service providers are faced with a myriad of challenges. Since order processing can account for up to 60% of the cost of goods sold, streamlining and automating product and order management is essential.

ConceptWave Order Care® automates product and service lifecycles, from initial product conception, through design and rollout, to retirement—for any product, network, market, and channel. Typically, ROI is achieved in 12-16 months thanks to accelerated service delivery and immediate operational cost reductions.

Order Care has been built in full conformance to Frameworx.

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HP Universal SLA Manager (HP USLAM) is a solution that addresses the needs for automating SLA management processes for very large number of SLAs (> 1 million), covering the complete end-to-end lifecycle associated with managing the SLA compliance to supplier and customer contracts. The solution offers near real time visibility on SLAs status, pro-actively detects SLA affecting issues, reports on SLA achievements and calculates penalties in case of SLA violation.

HP USLAM is certified by the TeleManagement Forum for Frameworx conformance, (Customer QoS/SLA Management process in eTOM 8.0, and utilizing SID 9.0 for its meta model).
Typical benefits seen at customers (> 100,000 SLAs):
  • Time spent to produce monthly contractual reports divided by 10
  • As number of SLAs increases, incremental cost of last new SLA instantiation tends towards 0
  • Significant reduction of customer complaints thanks to proactive notification and customer self-service capability

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The developments in the mobile data markets have shown that besides network infrastructure and terminals, operators need some sort of ‘Monetization Engine’ to make their data service successful and profitable. As a result of this need, Huawei has created the Value Growth Solution (VGS), which could be simply understood as a “Mobile Broadband Monetization and Optimization Engine”. Huawei VGS integrates a stand-alone DPI with policy control, charging, bandwidth management and content delivery optimization.
To date, Huawei MBB VGS serves over 30 top CSPs worldwide so far, including: MegaFon, MTS, Telefonica, Etisalat, STC, CMCC, MTN, Cell C etc.

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Unified Product and Service Catalogue Solution has helped Telstra fully model 70 Enterprise Products across 6 product lines. Leveraging e-TOM, SID and TAM frameworks, the solution is based on principles of 
  • reusability (services shared across different offerings),
  • componentisation (atomic services), 
  • modularity (plug and play) and 
  • flexibility (easy lifecycle changes).

The solution deploys a metric-driven framework comprising 12 innovative engineering metrics to manage and measure the effectiveness of the product catalogue. This has helped Telstra achieve: 

  • 40% faster product design time
  • 30% reduction in average product modeling costs
  • Potential 10% reduction in revenue leakage
  • ‘Single Source of Truth’ across OSS/BSS applications

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Netcracker NetCracker’s End-to-End Order Management Solution was developed in full compliance with TM Forum standards including eTOM, SID, and TAM, as well as OSS/J and MTOSI to ensure that fixed, wireless, and converged CSPs can achieve optimized, efficient order processing and service delivery. The solution delivers numerous high-value benefits by automating the entire chain of order management processes for all existing and emerging communication products and bundles for mass market and B2B offerings. Specifically, it performs: Pre-qualification, service design, and configuration; Order validation, order decomposition, and orchestration; Suborder management, process monitoring, and task management; Order lifecycle management; and Supplier/partner interaction management.

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Oracle Oracle Communications Rapid Offer Design and Order Delivery Solution (RODOD) enables service providers to rapidly design and introduce offers, capture and fulfill orders efficiently and accurately, and provide visibility across the entire order lifecycle.

RODOD is the first productised solution certified by TM Forum.

Frameworx certified solutions help industrialize OSS/BSS transformations. RODOD provides Frameworx benefits out-of-the-box by covering end-to-end business needs, expediting deployment, allowing costs and risks sharing, and is available to non Frameworx experts.
RODOD’s Frameworx Solution Certification gives CSPs highest level of assurance that pre-integrated productized solutions conform to industry standards. The solution 
  • Brings confidence to CSPs procurement process by providing a common language to understand solution capabilities
  • Enables CSPs optimize operations by adopting standard processes against best-practice
  • Reduces implementation risks/costs of OSS/BSS transformation projects by shifting investment to their vendors

Many CSPs have adopted solution embedded Frameworx principles supporting consumer, business and cloud services.

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