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TM Forum & Universities

The global telecommunications network is the most complex and relied upon system humanity has ever developed. For over 20 years the TM Forum has been at the forefront of its development. At the end of the 20th century, TM Forum members fostered the convergence of voice, data and mobile services. As the 21st century proceeds our members will drive the convergence of previously unrelated businesses including smart grids, cloud, social analytics, e-health, open data, mobile money and ‘the internet of things’.

Running these emerging services profitably will pose complex business and technical challenges which will only be solved by the brightest and best trained talent. The TM Forum University Program seeks to do what TM Forum does best, foster this new talent by encouraging inter-disciplinary education and research as well as facilitating discussion and collaboration amongst a unique group of TM Forum members.

This if your chance to collaborate and innovate with your peers from other leading Universities including:

TM Forum’s University program offers an array of benefits that positively impact University affiliates.

Benefits of membership and participation include:

For PhD students and post-doctoral Research Assistants:
  • A rich environment for testing your research against an understanding of real world problems
  • Working groups characterizing the problems of emerging services such as cloud and smart grid
  • Participation in TM Forum’s established Catalyst program - a proving ground in which to quickly trial ideas in collaboration with industry partners
  • Access to established TM Forum teams, made of member company representatives that area developing open source tools for model driven engineering of SOA environments.
For Professors/ academic leaders :
  • Access to industry leading CTO’s and other research funders
  • Access to a network of industry professionals
  • Proximity to market knowledge of industry trends
  • The opportunity to share development of industry relevant curricula with other academics
  • Access to core TM Forum material, including TM Forum’s Frameworx suite of standards, to help teach at graduate and undergraduate level
  • Industry leading information on business process engineering, Software and systems modeling, Service level agreement, telecom network management standards and practices

For the educational Institution the University Program provides:

  • The fostering of an enhanced and hands-on learning environment
  • Academic program and research exposure
  • University exposure