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TR143, "Building Bridges: ITIL and eTOM", Release 1.0

This document addresses how the TM Forum’s Business Process Map (eTOM) and ITIL can be used together. It has been developed jointly by TM Forum and itSMF.

There is a general need when employing ITIL to link it with the business needs and to position ITIL good practice in the appropriate business context. For us, the eTOM Business Process Framework, and NGOSS, provide a basis for us to do this in partnership with ITIL, but we need to offer clear guidance to companies on how this can be done, and what the results look like in key areas of activity.

Within this document, recommendations are made on bringing the two frameworks together, and guidelines provided to Members and others seeking to use each in the most appropriate way.

Additionally, and most importantly, a strategic view of how to converge ITIL and eTOM is proposed, with specific modifications to eTOM that allow support for ITIL to be more visible and direct, and which form the basis for a methodology on how companies can apply ITIL good practice through eTOM.

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