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TR177, Frameworx Metamodels, Release 1.0

This report is a snapshot of the state of the Metamodel agreements for Frameworx12.  The purpose of the snapshot is to capture the state of the art and publish it in an accessible form that can be reviewed by a broad TM Forum audience in order to solicit feedback, comment, and engagement in the onward development.

This document provides the overview of the core Frameworx Metamodel that defines the intended structural relationships amongst the architectural concepts in Frameworx, and the component frameworks. For example, it defined the relationship amongst Business Services as an Architecture concept and Interfaces and also between the Business Process Framework Process Element and the Information Framework Aggregate Business Entity.

This document also provides an overview of the Metamodel that is formally constructed using an open source tool Eclipse and a formal Metamodeling language, ECORE which is a UML-like language based on the OMG Meta-Object Format (MOF). The advantage of a formal model is that that it ensures that important Metamodel considerations are not overlooked whilst also support practical inclusion of relevant parts of the Metamodel in current tools such as Casewise, IBM RSA, and others.

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