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Management World Americas


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[Close Quote]I was new to TM Forum and this conference has been a great opportunity to gather quickly information about its main activities. The Forumville was well organized and extremely helpful in this sense, as well as the possibility to exchange opinions with other participants and with vendors too.

– Alberto Baravaglio, Control, Service Layer & Applications, Service Layer & Messaging, Telecom Italia

[Open Quote][Close Quote]This was our first year exhibiting at the TM Forum Management World conference and the return on investment far exceeded our expectations
– Andy Ellicott, Sr. Marketing Director, Vertica Systems

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[Close Quote]Thanks for organizing such an interesting event. I really enjoyed some of the more candid discussions, and truly believe these events will help galvanize our industry going forward.

– Nicholas Heller, New Business Development, EMEA, Google

[Open Quote][Close Quote]We were able to talk to many vendors to find the best solutions we need for our project. It was a truly rewarding event and worthwhile flying halfway around the world!!
– Kyle Park, Manager, Korea Telecom

[Open Quote][Close Quote]Management World is a great opportunity to exchange ideas and learn from our peers from different companies
– Zhonghou Li, Corporate Development, China Unicom

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We came to Management World Americas to meet our key customers, prospects, partners and analysts. That happened, and the quality of attendees, debate and information all in one location made for a highly successful event for Celona.

– Tony Sceales, CTO, Celona Technologies
[Open Quote][Close Quote]Management World is one of the most focused and successful conferences…it allows us to hit our target audience effectively and efficiently to meet our objectives.
– Sanjay Mewada, VP Strategy, NetCracker

[Open Quote][Close Quote]Management World provides us with a perfect way to meet prospects and customers to discuss their specific issues and brief them on our involvement with Prosspero.
– Ananda Subbiah, Vice President, Hewlett-Packard
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[Close Quote]An excellent platform to exchange ideas and thinking, a good chance to learn the newest concept!

– Junke Wang, Senior Engineer, China Unicom

[Open Quote][Close Quote]Management World provides a premier educational and networking forum to present leading advancements in Communications software and business processes.
– Bhaskar Gorti, SVP and General Manager, Oracle Communications

[Open Quote][Close Quote]The Executive Appointment Service helped us establish good contacts with potential customers and ensured we met our top choices from the service providers who attended.
– Ernest Margitta, Director, Product Marketing, Tribold

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If you are active in the telecom arena, Management World Americas is an important place to be, as it delivers many tracks of high quality speeches, a good expo as well as very good networking possibilities in a very nice environment

– Gerd Hoeckelmann, Head of Professional Services, S&S, Ascom Deutschland GmbH
[Open Quote]For anyone interested in the future of the TMT markets, Telephony, Media and Technology, there is no better place for me than the TM Forum Annual Conferences, held in both Nice, France, and Orlando, USA.

The recent Orlando event heralded extraordinary new insights from those who lead the industry, right across the spectrum of insight and influence, and so for me heading up a Global Consulting organisation, I could not have a better us of time. 

Over 1,200 delegates made the trip to Orlando from around the world, including many "C-Suite" Executives, who I know all made valuable contacts and gained huge insight which they will be able to use in their organisations.

None of these TM Forum Conferences would run without iconic leadership of Keith Willetts, the President, and the facilitation of his engaging and lively team, who conjured an event of which they can be rightly proud, and which the delegates see as the best in class and essential to return to next year.

I will be there.[Close Quote]
– Richard J. Hawkins-Adams, Chairman & Ceo, Gravitas Global Limited