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Agile Revenue Assurance – New Techniques to Drive Greater Results and Eliminate Risk

Date: Thursday, March 29, 2012


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With Guest Speakers from


Mark Bergsma

Revenue Assurance Manager, Ziggo

Matt Hooper

CMO, Lavastorm Analytics

Mark Johnson

Executive Chairman, The Risk Management Group

Agile revenue assurance approaches have emerged and are improving financial, operational, and customer management processes for communications service providers (CSPs).

What are some best practices for reducing complexity and speeding revenue assurance processes through the use of automated analytics and business rules? Find out from Ziggo, one of the largest providers of TV, internet, and telephone services in the Netherlands.

Join us as we discuss the data trends that are demanding more agility from your revenue assurance program and cover:
  • Best practices for reducing complexity and speeding RA processes
  • How to use automated analytics and automated response systems to increase the impact of your revenue assurance program
  • The business impact of revenue assurance speed on financial, operational, and customer management KPIs
  • Building trust with business leaders – Using automated analytics to engage business groups in the revenue assurance program
  • How to design a high-performing revenue assurance program from the ground up or tips for improving your existing program
  • How new services, such as mobile payments, are causing RA and Fraud groups to become more nimble

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