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About TM Forum Collaboration

Current Projects

All of the programs and initiatives underway at TM Forum are designed to help our member companies improve operational agility while reducing costs and risk, engage customers, expand market share and drive revenue growth through new services.

We count on members like you to not only set the priorities for our work, but also to contribute to these projects that will shape the future of the communications, cloud, eHealth, smart energy and other industries.

All projects are found in our online Collaboration Community.  Click here to go to the projects page and sign up for projects.

If you don’t find what you are looking for or have further questions, please contact collaboration@tmforum.org.

Applied Frameworx for Digital Health

This project is focused on applying TM Forum’s Frameworx suite of best practices and standards to Digital Health transformation and addressing the critical area of interoperability. Interoperability, or the ability “to create end-to-end solutions by interconnecting components and systems from multiple vendors to form a network,” is one of the most difficult challenges – and opportunities – facing health information systems globally.

TM Forum Lead:  Craig Bachmann

Applied Frameworx for Smart Energy

New, disruptive technologies, such as Smart Grids, are being introduced at an increasing pace to the electric energy industry worldwide. IP, ICT, and state-of-the-art networking technologies are often taking a predominant role alongside entirely new breeds of both hardware and software. The build-out of Smart Grids often means that entire new networks and network operational models needs to be created and put in place, something which the utility industry traditionally has not focused on. This project will work to apply the best practices and standards in TM Forum Frameworx to address these new challenges.

TM Forum Lead:  Craig Bachmann

Catalog Management

The key driver for catalog management is to provide a consistent standardized method of storing and exposing product offerings to consumers, developers, and supplier partners. To provide this exposure, catalog management requires standardized interface methodology. This project will focus on delivering REST-based APIs for exposure of product offering and customer facing services for consumers.

TM Forum Lead:  John Wilmes

Customer Engagement Management

The Customer Engagement Project Group addresses the comprehensive subject of all interaction with customers across the broad range of traditional and digital services. This project focuses on developing a series of best practices and KPIs for defining, measuring and improving customer experience and applying them into the service provider environment and vendor products.

TM Forum Lead(s):  Rebecca Sendel

Data Analytics

The Data Analytics Project Group addresses the comprehensive subject of the structure and use of data in managing the enterprise, with a particular emphasis on customer engagement applications and big data issues. This group will work on Frameworx metrics, the highly successful Big Data Guidebook and much more.

TM Forum Lead(s):  Rebecca Sendel


Frameworx Metrics Repository Automation

This project will result create a set of governance processes that allow automation within the Frameworx Metrics Repository as well as the specification of machine interfaces to the repository to allow easy integration of the repository with other software systems. In addition, the group is working towards hosting of third-party metrics specifications.

TM Forum Leads:  Rebecca Sendel


This project consolidates the work of the TM Forum’s core models -- Application (TAM), Business Process (eTOM) and Information (SID) Frameworks, and the Frameworx Architecture work stream into a single project group. The current focus for Frameworx is all about ensuring that the models and architecture fully support digital services. The group is addressing topics including multi-role, multi-industry and multi-channel support; metrics development; functional definitions to enable faster service deployment; and support for virtualization.

TM Forum Lead(s):  Hugo Vaughan

Open Digital

TM Forum’s Open Digital Program focuses on overcoming the challenges of end-to-end management of complex digital services, enabling an open, vibrant digital economy. This project will be split out into a number of work streams as follows:
  1. Digital Ecosystem: Developing and driving adoption of an ecosystem of APIs for to support the lifecycle of digital services
  2. B2B2X Partnering Addressing B2B2X values chains: Both business and technical collaboration/partnering aspects of establishing B2B2X value chain partnerships
  3. Software Enabled Services (SES): Work areas related to the definition of TM Forum's Digital Services Reference Architecture.

TM Forum Lead(s):  John Wilmes

Revenue Management

  • Charging and Billing—extend the discussion of Digital Services aspects of Charging & Billing.
  • Asset Management  -- optimizing the value gained from assets of all kinds through their lifecycle
  • Fraud Management—extend the guidebooks and addenda to include details of the Fraud Management Maturity Model and Fraud Management Metrics, tailored to include a Digital Services perspective.
  • Revenue Assurance—continue extending the revenue assurance best practices to support digital services.

TM Forum Lead:  Rebecca Sendel

Security and Privacy

The Security project strategy is to provide a holistic model of security that defines a coherent approach to improving security by considering it in three parts. They are:

  1. Privacy - better define the processes needed to ensure legal, commercial and ethical Privacy within Frameworx by describing the policies and information management activities required.
  2. Taxonomy rationalization – determine from a user perspective the range of existing taxonomies used to share threat information, the effectiveness of them and how they/their use, might be improved.
  3. Secure Digital Services – Federated ID Management. To create best practice operational agreements for operational use of Identity and Privacy management standards where multiple partners need to work together to deliver services to end users.

TM Forum Lead(s):  Chris Stock

Service Level Agreement (SLA) Management

This project will work on the following areas:

  •  End-to-end cloud SLAs and SLA management, from multi-Standards Developing Organizations (SDO) perspectives
  •  SLAM Handbook updates to support the Digital Services initiative and latest Frameworx alignment
  •  Revised Cloud SLA Application Note 
  •  SLA Management API requirements
  •  Provide inputs to SID metric model and TM Forum metric repository development
  •  VoIP SLAs

TM Forum Lead(s):  Jenny Rottinger

TM Forum Integration Program (TIP) -- Standardized Interface Development

The TM Forum Integration Program (TIP) project defines requirements, use cases, information models and detailed interfaces specifications for various management areas such as assurance, fulfillment and security. The goal of TIP is to produce a harmonized suite of management interfaces for OSS integration. These interfaces are known as the Operations Management Interfaces.

TM Forum Lead(s):  SB Mahapatra

ZOOM (Zero-touch Orchestration, Operations & Management)

ZOOM specifically targets business agility by defining a framework necessary to enable the delivery and management of physical and virtual resources and services while simultaneously dramatically lowering associated capital and operational expenditures. This necessitates a new architecture that supports dynamic adaptation between changing needs and the capabilities of the infrastructure, enabling targeted and personalized services to be rapidly created, changed, and retired. ZOOM leverages the capabilities of NFV and SDN.

TM Forum Lead(s):  Ken Dilbeck, Dave Milham

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