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About TM Forum Collaboration

What is Collaboration?


  1. the act of working with another or others on a joint project
  2. something created by working jointly with another or others

At TM Forum the art and act of collaboration is one of the underlying tenets of our organization and one of the major benefits of membership.

Inside TM Forum’s collaboration program members and industry leaders share ideas and ask questions of one another in communities. They also form smaller project teams to create standards, best practices and APIs.

Members of TM Forum have the opportunity to share their passions, intellectual capital and experience on project teams that result in the creation of industry standards, best practices, tools, interfaces, guidebooks and other deliverables that are of great value not only to the TM Forum membership, but to the health and welfare of the industry.

Individuals and companies who get involved in our collaboration program provide their expertise, requirements and perspective to help shape and define the standards that get adopted by the rest of the industry.

All of the programs and initiatives underway at TM Forum are designed to help companies around the world improve operational agility while reducing costs and risk, engage customers, expand market share and drive revenue growth through new services.

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