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Why Attend?

Team Action Week is a unique experience where you spend a few days charting the direction of the industry and at the same time gleaning extremely valuable information that will help your company today.  You will work with some of the brightest and most insightful people in the industry and feel real progress be made.  Team Action Week is rewarding both personally and professionally.

Team Action Week attendees universally cite that their time at the event is highly productive and 96% of prior attendees say they would recommend Team Action Week to a colleague.

What are the benefits of attending Team Action Week?

For Service Providers
  • Collaborate with like-minded service providers to create a larger voice to drive the supplier community
  • Drive the industry’s best practices and standards, rather than simply abide by them, protecting the interests of your company
  • Acquire deep insight about TM Forum standards in friendly working environment
  • Be perceived as a market leader and innovator in business, technical and IT management
  • Meet face to face with suppliers at the working level
For Suppliers/Systems Integrators
  • Work alongside potential customers in a neutral environment
  • Be perceived as an open, collaborative market leader
  • Understand industry trends in detail by working with experts from across the value chain
  • Build relationships and partnerships with other suppliers in a friendly environment
  • Exploit your existing R&D investment by ensuring your solution becomes part of industry standard. Making a contribution at Team Action Week is the most effective way to make that happen.
  • Leverage industry experience through closer interaction with customers and peers to enable more rapid implementation of industry standards

If you are new to Team Action Week…

The best place to start is with the Newcomers Orientation. The orientation includes an overview of TM Forum’s Collaboration Program, and is an opportunity to meet some of the TM Forum staff and project team leaders, and answer any questions you may have.
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Please contact Janelle Morse jmorse@tmforum.org you have any questions regarding Team Action Week or getting involved in the TM Forum Collaboration Program. 

Note - Team Action Week is for members of the TM Forum only. If you are interested in participating, but your company is not a member, please visit our membership area for details on joining the TM Forum.

Representatives from the following industry leaders have attended:
Alcatel-Lucent amdocs
ascom at&t
ca Chunghwa Telecom
Cox Deutsche Telecom
Ericsson HP
IBM Microsoft
Progress Software Subex
Telcordia Vodafone

Attendee Testimonials

“I want to recommend TAW to bright people who want to influence and drive the industry forward.”

- Eric Priezkalns,
Assistant Director, Risk & Controls, Qtel

“A place to get things done.”
- Craig Gallen,