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Working Projects

TM Forum is running two types of projects in our Cable Program.  Some of projects need to have very short cycle times to meet industry timelines. These projects will be run using agile-style development techniques.  The results of these projects will be made available to members as soon as the projects are completed.  The second type of project are the Frameworx core projects that will be done as part of the Frameworx 6 month release cycles.  This type of project needs to be synchronized with other projects in TM Forum and as such will take this approach.

To get information about any of the projects below, visit www.tmforum.org/community and click on projects.  Then join the projects you are interested in contributing to:

Current projects are:

Applied Frameworx for Cable

  • Frameworx 13 – Product Lifecycle Management:  The team is developing a new approach to enable a product manager to minimize risk and integrate silo’d processes in order to roll out new digital services.
  • Frameworx 13.5 – New work charter (in development): Next steps to be addressed in the Agile style include: Knowledge Management, Connected Homes, and accelerator packs for Product Lifecycle Managment

Frequently Asked Questions

See examples of the recent Cable Deliverables:  

Where can I find information for all Cable Projects?
On the Cable Group Community Page: /Community/groups/cable_initiative/default.aspx

How do I join the group? Is there a special process for this?
Any TM Forum member can join the group by clicking on the link above and then “Join the Group” button on the top of the page.  In order to receive any updates, calendar notices of the meetings and general information all members should join the group first.

How do I choose what information I want to receive from the group?
On the Group page – Click the “Edit Subscriptions”  button and select how often you want to receive information – Immediate, Daily summary, weekly summary or none at all.It is recommended that you set your email preference to Immediate so you don’t miss any last-minute updates such as changes in meeting information.

How can I open a new discussion thread?
By going to the Discussion area in the cable community and making a new post: /community/groups/cable_initiative/forum/default.aspx 

I missed latest Cable General Update, where can I find a copy of the presentation?
The latest update van be found here:  https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/849936369