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Performance Reporting Concepts and Definitions - TMF701 v2.0

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Description of Document
The Performance Reporting Concepts and Definitions Document [TMF 701] provides valuable background and introductory material for the SLA Management Handbook (GB917).

This document provides a definition of “Service Availability” and the application of it to different services. Although “Service Availability” is the key performance parameter in today’s telecommunications market, Customers and Service Providers would like to measure, calculate and report on further service performance parameters. In response to that need, this document provides information regarding the definition and calculation of “Time to Provide Service”, “Time to Restore Service”, “Delay”, “Throughput” and “Errors” etc.

The aims of this Document are to:

  • serve as additional information to the Service Provider to Customer Performance Reporting Business Agreement [NMF 503] and the SLA Management Handbook [GB 917],
  • define terms and concepts used by Service Providers and their Customers when negotiating SLA parameters.


Prior to this work, there were few stable and unambiguous definitions dealing with service performance at the service management level. Service Providers and Customers have different views and understanding of terms such as “Service”, “Service Availability”, and “Service Access Point” (SAP). It became clear that describing SAP concepts, service concepts, definitions of Service Level Agreements (SLAs), etc., would go far beyond the scope of a Requirements Document. As a result of this, the TeleManagement Forum decided to develop this document, to deal with terms, definitions and concepts.

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