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Operator User Mgmt. Release 1.1

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Operator User Management, Release 1.1

Multi-vendor networks in typical Service Provider environments are managed using multiple proprietary management systems supplied by the vendors. In order to ensure a secure and consistent management of the network there is a need for uniformly and centrally provisioning operators working on these management systems. Added to this is the need for individual Service Providers to be able to implement specific authorizations based on the local situations.

This release specifies an interface by which it is possible for Service Providers to consistently provision operator’s (who are effectively the users of the management systems) access rights and authorities across the system. Also it deals with auditing the results of the said provisioning operations.

The Operator User Management Release 1.1 consists of:

  •  TMF520 Operator User Management Business Agreement (BA): describes all requirements and use cases
  •  TMF615 Operator User Management Information Agreement (IA): describes the data and operational model
  •  TMF873 Operator User Management IIS as a package consisting of:
    • RN317 Release Notes
    • Operator User Management Update Document: describes the changes done in this release compared to release 1.0
    • TMF615_wsdl_xsd.zip file: contains the WSDL and XSD files related to TMF615

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