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GB922, Information Framework (SID) Suite Model Files, Release 12.0

These Information Framework (SID) Release 12.0 Model Files are fully compatible with the Information Framework Release 12.0 contained in the Getting Started Pack and in the Domain Addenda Pack.

The Information Framework (SID) UML model is currently modeled using IBM's Rational Software Modeler and Rational Software Architect products. This is the last release that will use Rational Software Modeler.

The Information Framework UML models have been provided, on a best effort basis, as a non-normative addition to the primary TM Forum documents in the GB922 guide book series. As such the Information Framework UML models are distributed in various file formats for use in any tool which is capable of loading UML 2.0 or XMI files. For those who do not have Rational Software Modeler or Rational Software Architect, other formats are provided, including XMI, XSD, and web-based browsable versions of the Information Framework UML model.
The model files, the XMI versions as well as the web-based versions of the SID model, are distributed as “ZIP” files.

Importing SID 12.0 RSM/RSA model and profiles using the SID RSM/RSA UML model zip file:

1.     Start RSM or RSA and create a new workspace
2.     Depending on the Rational product being used
        a.      For RSM - import the project interchange zip file using the Import/Other/Project Interchange feature
        b.      For RSA – import the project archive zip file using Import/General/Archive File
3.     Use Windows/Preferences/Modeling/PathMaps to create a path map that references the folder that contains the SID
        profiles  created  in step 2.  Do not expand the model in the browser view until this has been done.
4.     You are ready to start using the SID by expanding the SID model in the browser view!

For further information on the Information Framework (SID) in Depth description click here

For complete details of the contents in this release please download the READ ME FIRST!

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