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Conformance Certification


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Certified Compliance Mark Process

Frameworx Conformance Certification enables the industry to test and certify adherence to individual TM Forum frameworks and standards. There are three assessment categories: Frameworx Implementation, Product, and Solution Conformance Certification.

The Frameworx Implementation Conformance Certification assesses a service provider’s processes against the Business Process Framework within an agreed organizational scope.

The Frameworx Product and Solution Conformance Certifications assesses the product or solution’s processes against the Business Process Framework within an agreed scope and the information model against the Information Framework.

Frameworx conformance certification is only issued against individual products, solutions, and implementations, not companies or individuals.

Get Started with Conformance Certification
  1. Introductory slides
  2. Brochures
  3. How the Conformance Certification Process Works - Getting Started Guidelines
  4. Learn about Frameworx
  5. Conformance Certification Online Community
  6. Email a TM Forum representative with questions or to get a quotation
  7. Complete the Conformance Certification Information Document
We will need to nominate a key contact from your company to support the conformance activity and provide “self testing” results and supporting information in a standard template.

On completion of the certification process:
  • Results will be posted to TM Forum website
  • You will receive Conformance Mark for your use
  • You will receive TM Forum information that can be used in your company’s press release

The time and effort to a complete conformance certification depends on the scope of the certification and your knowledge of the Business Process & Information Frameworks. However, most projects take one to three months to complete.

The Conformance Certification processes are documented in the following:
Report Misuse: Frameworx conformance is an important part of enabling the communications industry to maintain profitability as it migrates to new services and new business models. Gaining the conformance mark represents a significant investment by both suppliers and service providers. If you feel a company is misusing the conformance mark then please let us know at conformance@tmforum.org.