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Use phone instead!]]> 5:38:17 PM<![CDATA[Watching out for your kids]]> 5:33:11 PM<![CDATA[Are you crossing the LINE on personal security?]]> 3:29:15 AM<![CDATA[It’s hot down in the valley]]> 12:00:01 AM<![CDATA[Pirates, hitmen, hard drugs, and a hoard of Bitcoins!]]> 9:40:10 AM<![CDATA[Plain sailing for phones on planes]]> 8:52:51 AM<![CDATA[AT&T put stake in SDN/NFV ground]]> 9:48:26 AM<![CDATA[The cost of digital business incompetence]]> 7:19:01 AM<![CDATA[Dump that phone and enjoy yourself]]> 7:47:58 AM<![CDATA[Pointing a finger at paranoia]]> 6:39:52 AM<![CDATA[iFlop 5C]]> 8:05:15 AM<![CDATA[Bye-bye Blackberry?]]> 6:11:31 AM<![CDATA[Yet another app store option for operators]]> 5:50:12 AM<![CDATA[Big Data not big anymore]]> 4:49:59 AM<![CDATA[The rise and fall of the social giants]]> 11:22:33 AM<![CDATA[Now Bluetooth is challenging NFC]]> 10:24:53 AM<![CDATA[Even Google Wallet goes no-NFC]]> 7:51:26 AM<![CDATA[Apple's Passbook grows without NFC help]]> 6:54:03 AM<![CDATA[Is it too late for NFC?]]> 6:32:47 AM<![CDATA[More merchants accepting Bitcoins]]> 6:56:54 AM<![CDATA[Will Google goose up Bump?]]> 6:21:50 AM<![CDATA[Is Europe really slipping behind in the digital stakes?]]> 5:36:49 AM<![CDATA[Nokia, Nokia - who's there?]]> 1:14:39 PM<![CDATA['Native Advertising' attracting more than customers]]> 7:57:07 AM<![CDATA[The digital disruption of journalism]]> 11:49:41 AM<![CDATA[Big data improves business process]]> 11:35:38 AM<![CDATA[Old habits (and phones) die hard]]> 8:56:12 AM<![CDATA[Mass market biometrics all about convenience, not security]]> 10:28:23 AM<![CDATA[CTO, CIO, CMO lines blurring]]> 3:47:09 AM<![CDATA[Digital future secure - even for service providers]]> 6:37:10 AM<![CDATA[Sweet revenge from bitter tweets]]> 7:06:36 AM<![CDATA[How NOT to fly with social media]]> 5:22:55 AM<![CDATA[Creating new possibilities and changing the way business is done.]]> 8:12:50 AM<![CDATA[Can OTT learn anything from Big Telecom?]]> 12:14:07 PM<![CDATA[Your privacy or your life?]]>]]> 11:26:34 AM<![CDATA[Will video email be the next big thing?]]> 8:58:39 AM<![CDATA[Hate to be on this list]]> 8:03:54 AM<![CDATA[Innovation alive in Athens]]> 5:44:44 AM<![CDATA[Amazon testing own wireless network]]> 5:28:32 AM<![CDATA[Google Glass not all rose-colored]]> 12:01:13 PM<![CDATA[API strategy key to exposing assets]]> 1:16:52 AM<![CDATA[New digital feature that should be on your radar]]> 4:52:52 AM<![CDATA[Telefónica preferred bidder for UK smart grid]]> 4:42:19 AM<![CDATA[Yahoo! 'outhits' Google]]> 3:47:10 AM<![CDATA[Bitcoin busted?]]> 5:38:16 AM<![CDATA[Disruptive cloud services disrupted]]> 7:43:54 AM<![CDATA[Managing managed services]]> 11:58:56 AM<![CDATA[The four 'Es' of Big Data]]> 9:17:18 AM<![CDATA[Big boys need to grow up]]> 7:09:06 AM<![CDATA[Secure email not so secure after all]]> 5:19:49 AM<![CDATA[Gmail privacy? Maybe]]> 7:56:00 AM<![CDATA[More than 40 percent of Americans check into Facebook every day]]> 8:46:32 AM<![CDATA[A bin laden with technology]]> 12:25:10 PM<![CDATA[How will Instagram make money for Facebook?]]> 7:37:18 AM<![CDATA[Buying a bunch of 'likes']]> 4:17:19 AM<![CDATA[How to succeed in the digital world]]> 12:00:01 AM<![CDATA[Marketing and mobile payments converging]]> 6:37:02 AM<![CDATA[Campus Party Europe draws big names]]> 4:20:35 AM<![CDATA[Mobilizing enterprise apps not that easy]]> 10:54:37 AM<![CDATA[CEM – Is the ‘E’ for experience or engagement?]]> 5:30:07 PM<![CDATA[Battle of the media ecosystems]]> 11:40:07 AM<![CDATA[More Words of Wisdom from Wodtke]]> 7:33:15 AM<![CDATA[SingTel and Visa team up for mobile money]]> 4:59:33 AM<![CDATA[Isis – iris or nemesis?]]> 8:24:17 AM<![CDATA[Time for telco transparency in data ]]> 5:48:47 AM<![CDATA[Visa & MasterCard going mobile?]]> 3:05:37 AM<![CDATA[Are we better off with big data?]]> 12:24:44 PM<![CDATA[MAM's missing link]]> 5:27:15 AM<![CDATA[The need to blog]]> 4:57:35 AM<![CDATA[New ways to drive emerging market mobile data use]]> 4:48:29 AM<![CDATA[Connecting consumers with connected cars]]> 6:20:58 AM<![CDATA[What's wrong with the news?]]> 5:11:56 AM<![CDATA[Can getting a Taxi really be this Easy?]]> 4:43:37 AM<![CDATA[Smurfs in-app worth £4,000]]> 4:28:54 AM<![CDATA[Words of Wisdom from Wodtke]]> 11:27:02 AM<![CDATA[Facebook takes native app to the masses]]> 1:58:15 AM<![CDATA[No M2M or IoE without the networks!]]> 1:36:13 AM<![CDATA[Smart home of the future here now]]> 7:16:49 AM<![CDATA[GlassUp may 'outcool' Google Glass]]> 7:42:47 AM<![CDATA[Jury still out on mobile money]]> 6:37:56 AM<![CDATA['Spend a penny' to power your mobile]]> 5:46:49 AM<![CDATA[M2M set to transform every industry]]> 5:05:15 AM<![CDATA[Privacy, once priceless, goes for a price.]]> 8:38:22 AM<![CDATA[No more Latitude from Google]]> 6:12:37 AM<![CDATA[Wonky Wi-Fi workover]]> 5:10:37 AM<![CDATA[Why you should forget Facebook]]> 4:55:14 AM<![CDATA[CIOs just aren't cutting it]]> 4:01:00 AM<![CDATA[Nokia takes NSN – where, why?]]> 6:59:02 AM<![CDATA[Revenue assurance & customer experience go hand-in-hand]]> 4:19:42 AM<![CDATA[Goodbye FB, it's over.]]> 3:35:48 AM<![CDATA[Don't like that display ad - then change it!]]> 3:25:13 AM<![CDATA[Any digital hope for Europe?]]> 7:05:44 AM<![CDATA[Seven reasons why Customer Experience is in danger of dying]]> 3:47:50 AM<![CDATA[Data roaming without roaming charges]]> 11:43:32 AM<![CDATA[Consumers keen on connected cars]]> 9:56:55 AM<![CDATA[Forget 'freemium' - I feel 'trappedium']]> 5:19:43 AM<![CDATA[Look, up in the sky, it’s…Google?]]> 8:07:16 AM<![CDATA[The decline of copper broadband]]> 6:21:45 AM<![CDATA[Dumb pipes don’t exist and technology doesn’t drive differentiation]]> 7:59:41 AM<![CDATA[Spectacle of the spectrum spectre]]> 4:41:46 AM<![CDATA[Big Data analytics hampered by operational silos]]> 8:59:55 AM<![CDATA[CIOs – An endangered species]]> 4:45:47 AM<![CDATA[Talking shoes (well, almost)]]> 4:07:14 AM<![CDATA[Apple wants to know what’s in your mobile wallet]]> 3:50:43 AM<![CDATA[Doubts linger about broadband rollouts]]> 11:28:52 AM<![CDATA[Paint a room with an iPad?]]> 11:35:20 AM<![CDATA[Could you live on digital money alone?]]> 7:54:12 AM<![CDATA[Unsocially yours!]]> 6:16:47 PM<![CDATA[Understanding IOT]]> 4:34:36 AM<![CDATA[iPhones to get second life]]> 9:30:55 AM<![CDATA[Big Brother IS watching you!]]> 9:36:39 AM<![CDATA[Optimizing business apps is good for everyone]]> 6:01:56 AM<![CDATA[Kroes pleas for no-roaming fees]]> 7:17:32 AM<![CDATA[Mobiles driving digital shopping decisions]]> 6:47:03 AM<![CDATA[Google and the understatement of the century]]> 12:49:28 PM<![CDATA[Who says telcos are not innovative?]]> 7:16:41 AM<![CDATA[This IT advance may be hard to swallow]]> 10:24:34 AM<![CDATA[AT&T now offering 'Smart Grid as a Service']]> 7:25:10 AM<![CDATA[Bite-sized news sure to beat tweet-size]]> 6:18:16 AM<![CDATA[Twitter's two-factor authentication: 5 reasons to avoid]]> 7:22:20 PM<![CDATA[Is it really cool to be disruptive?]]> 10:35:59 AM<![CDATA[Now it's carhacking]]> 5:36:15 PM<![CDATA[France Telecom-Orange riding the wave]]> 10:12:54 AM<![CDATA[Smart home now, and in the future]]> 4:34:01 AM<![CDATA[Shop map app shifts stock]]> 7:46:10 PM<![CDATA[Operators are still in analysis mode on Big Data]]> 5:23:13 AM<![CDATA[Google introduces P2P payments via Wallet & Gmail]]> 3:00:12 AM<![CDATA[Digital acquisitions high on SingTel list]]> 5:37:07 PM<![CDATA[Google hopes to entice games developers]]> 2:12:20 PM<![CDATA[Mobile apps set to generate big revenues]]> 2:05:58 PM<![CDATA[Digital 'sacheting' should be beyond the remit of regulators]]> 7:51:59 AM<![CDATA[Telematics revolutionize vehicle insurance]]> 4:02:34 AM<![CDATA[Nice: The five hottest phrases]]> 3:20:27 PM<![CDATA[TM Forum Drives Frameworx Evolution to Help Service Providers Navigate the Digital Storm]]> 12:00:01 AM<![CDATA[Nokia's 'road to hell']]> 10:57:45 AM<![CDATA[Customer Experience Management in Telecoms? Ask Henry Ford]]> 5:44:12 AM<![CDATA[European operators get serious about M2M]]> 10:31:15 AM<![CDATA[Backing business]]> 1:48:59 PM<![CDATA[Blowing Raspberry Pi(s)]]> 11:49:50 AM<![CDATA[Text and SMS passed by chat apps]]> 11:16:26 AM<![CDATA[Everything you always wanted to know about Google Fiber]]> 2:45:38 AM<![CDATA[Telstra striving for total customer experience]]> 2:38:56 AM<![CDATA[Your online pictures now belong to everyone]]> 7:13:03 AM<![CDATA[Digital Life really goes live]]> 1:37:43 PM<![CDATA[Who really benefits from smart meters?]]> 12:31:12 PM<![CDATA[Who manages social media in your organization?]]> 10:15:10 PM<![CDATA[No home run for Home]]> 10:06:11 PM<![CDATA[BadNews for Android malware abounds]]> 9:31:21 PM<![CDATA[Facebooks own Home and Away]]> 11:21:00 AM<![CDATA[Mobile voice ads - annoyance or gold mine?]]> 11:27:30 PM<![CDATA[Cloud evolving data centers]]> 11:18:14 PM<![CDATA[The battle for online service providers begins]]> 4:53:57 PM<![CDATA[Facebook announces Android wrapper Home]]> 2:15:01 PM<![CDATA[Behind the scenes of the new Web Payments API from Mozilla]]> 9:50:46 AM<![CDATA[Time for a little respect!]]> 7:39:00 PM<![CDATA[Bitcoin, what is it, and should you care?]]> 10:47:42 AM<![CDATA[Mobile advertising growing faster than expected]]> 10:32:34 AM<![CDATA[Mobile startups provide an innovative venture capital strategy for corporates]]> 3:53:49 AM<![CDATA[Bitcoin 'virtual currency' - boom or bust?]]> 10:30:20 AM<![CDATA[Skype at risk of criminal offence charge in France]]> 4:04:22 AM<![CDATA[Google joins SAMENA Telecoms Council]]> 2:29:09 AM<![CDATA[Why is the TM Forum's Digital Service Initiative important?]]> 11:31:22 PM<![CDATA[Social networks look beyond ads]]> 11:15:04 PM<![CDATA[Über the top app and telco announce tryst]]> 5:42:40 AM<![CDATA[Management World Asia video highlights]]> 6:51:04 AM<![CDATA[Telenor subs get Google Play direct pay option]]> 11:27:49 AM<![CDATA[Privacy laws take on the Cloud]]> 11:07:13 AM<![CDATA[First digital services hothouse a 'sizzling' success]]> 5:34:11 PM<![CDATA[Digital marketing budgets on the rise]]> 9:42:18 AM<![CDATA[Study finds buyers want 'connected' cars]]> 9:21:01 AM<![CDATA[Be careful what you "Like" online - it could reveal your darkest secrets]]> 12:16:24 PM<![CDATA[MW Asia Highlights]]> 12:22:13 AM<![CDATA[Big data vs the marketer]]> 5:14:30 AM<![CDATA[OTT: Killing the Golden Goose]]> 7:27:38 PM<![CDATA[Mobile ads spending exploded in the last year]]> 12:00:03 PM<![CDATA[Nik Willetts on multi-cloud management]]> 8:57:07 AM<![CDATA[Germany and UK fail to qualify in FTTH race]]> 5:40:39 AM<![CDATA[Supermarket chain enters digital content fray]]> 4:38:22 AM<![CDATA[NEC launches cloud-based eMoney platform]]> 3:03:45 AM<![CDATA[Connected City highlights with a lowlight]]> 12:31:31 PM<![CDATA[Digital services and MWC 2013]]> 8:14:21 AM<![CDATA[What operators can do with big data]]> 11:27:09 AM<![CDATA[Facebook to mobile operators - let's team up for profits]]> 12:38:57 PM<![CDATA[Telstra CEO outlines challenges]]> 2:29:14 AM<![CDATA[Telcos Need to Get Their Mojo Back]]> 1:02:59 AM<![CDATA[Billing, It’s a Gas with Mobiles!]]> 4:00:00 PM<![CDATA[Girl Scouts go digital in cookie drive]]> 3:49:43 AM<![CDATA[Digital Futures: Experts reveal the Smartphone and OS trends for 2013]]> 4:23:31 AM<![CDATA[London's 'digital flirting' hot spots revealed]]> 5:27:40 AM<![CDATA[VCs don’t know how to invest in Smart Grid]]> 12:34:09 AM<![CDATA[Visa takes aim at world's 2 billion unbanked ]]> 1:47:32 PM<![CDATA[Love in the era of social media]]> 6:27:22 AM<![CDATA[Mozilla attracts 2,500 developers to Firefox OS]]> 7:35:01 AM<![CDATA[Killing the customer experience]]> 9:14:21 AM<![CDATA[Twitter used to track flu]]> 7:47:09 AM<![CDATA[Connected Home: Does Cable Hold the Key?]]>
However, cable companies are facing fierce competition from cheaper, IP-based offerings, and are looking to the concept of the connected home to generate new revenue streams and broaden their appeal to customers. In this excerpt from the brand new Quick Insights report on the Connected Home, author Vaughan O’Grady explains how entertainment plays a vital role in]]> 5:00:00 PM
<![CDATA[Mobile payments infographic]]> 7:30:29 AM<![CDATA[Amazon announces new virtual currency with catchy name]]> 1:09:23 PM<![CDATA[Big Data hits the heights of hype]]> 8:49:31 AM<![CDATA[New car insurance priced according to driving habits]]> 5:18:17 AM<![CDATA[More than two-thirds of consumers say ‘no’ to Internet tracking]]> 1:58:59 AM<![CDATA[Clever brands turned to Twitter during Super Bowl blackout]]> 8:25:11 AM<![CDATA[Super Bowl blackout makes Smart Grid an issue]]> 8:06:01 AM<![CDATA[TM Forum’s First Big Data Analytics Summit a Smash Hit]]> 12:00:01 AM<![CDATA[Big Data Analytics Summit]]> 12:45:59 PM<![CDATA[The Big Data Challenge: 10 Tips for Telcos]]> 8:00:52 AM<![CDATA[Telefónica outlines youth targets]]> 7:53:15 AM<![CDATA[The delusions that companies have about the cloud]]> 5:04:01 AM<![CDATA[How to make the 'Internet of Things' pay off]]> 10:40:26 AM<![CDATA[Apple & Samsung earn 98% of profits in smartphone market]]> 2:40:27 AM<![CDATA[Another tier one meets the OTT challenge]]> 3:32:49 AM<![CDATA[Where did my Big Mac come from?]]> 2:18:30 AM<![CDATA[TM Forum Helps to Reshape Mobile Operators for the Digital Revolution at Mobile World Congress]]> 12:00:01 AM<![CDATA[Move over browsers, apps are the new way to surf the net]]> 5:45:35 AM<![CDATA[UK banks go it alone for mobile payments]]> 1:11:39 AM<![CDATA[What is Weightless?]]> 12:55:40 AM<![CDATA[Smart Steps towards using Big Data effectively]]> 8:12:39 AM<![CDATA[Father resorts to virtual hitmen to kill off 'son']]> 4:54:05 AM<![CDATA[I paid too much for this clap, oops I meant....]]> 6:58:29 AM<![CDATA[Verizon CEO talks big revenues beyond the phone]]> 6:46:25 PM<![CDATA[Your iPhone will soon detect bad breath]]> 11:54:00 AM<![CDATA[Social media helps find missing kids]]> 3:27:15 AM<![CDATA[Mobile games dominate VC investment]]> 2:43:13 AM<![CDATA[Seeing energy the key to saving it]]> 2:00:54 AM<![CDATA[The future of medicine includes the smartphone]]> 1:50:03 AM<![CDATA[User-generated content key to driving purchases]]> 5:11:52 AM<![CDATA[Print publishers expecting profits from digital in two years]]> 2:12:41 AM<![CDATA[Ever tried to resell digital goods?]]> 5:18:19 AM<![CDATA[Visionaries Discuss the Digital Services Future at TM Forum’s Middle East Summit ]]> 12:00:01 AM<![CDATA[NFC and location based marketing key to mobile ad success]]> 11:08:42 PM<![CDATA[HTML5 and the 'Apple Tax']]> 5:50:12 AM<![CDATA[Digital media world copies telco subsidy model]]> 6:15:10 AM<![CDATA[The best in digital content]]> 5:58:43 AM<![CDATA[How my smartphone emptied my pockets]]> 2:37:30 AM<![CDATA[Open internet under threat]]> 2:27:04 AM<![CDATA[Report slams smart meter spending]]> 10:18:48 AM<![CDATA[DoCoMo takes M2M global]]> 5:29:42 AM<![CDATA[SMS proves that mobile marketing works]]> 5:19:35 PM<![CDATA[News Corp. shuts down iPad news app 'The Daily']]> 4:56:40 PM<![CDATA[Vodafone unifies enterprise and M2M activities]]> 6:55:50 AM<![CDATA[Orange takes on Skype]]> 2:14:00 PM<![CDATA[TM Forum’s Digital Life Survey Reveals Keys to Success in Open Digital Economy]]> 10:15:42 AM<![CDATA[Not so dumb dummies!]]> 7:05:00 AM<![CDATA[Digital Life]]> 12:00:01 AM<![CDATA[Opera favored in Russian music market]]> 7:54:08 AM<![CDATA[New app offers instant bill analysis]]> 6:14:21 AM<![CDATA[Telefónica and Telecom Italia collaborate in Smart City innovation]]> 2:24:00 AM<![CDATA[What's working in mobile advertising?]]> 3:26:49 AM<![CDATA[Boston commuters go digital]]> 11:10:54 PM<![CDATA[Google Cloud - a force to be reckoned with]]> 2:29:13 AM<![CDATA[Small businesses getting socially savvy with online ads]]> 5:06:02 AM<![CDATA[TeliaSonera deploys new M2M platform]]> 11:13:29 PM<![CDATA[UK government strategy for 'digital by default' public services]]> 11:00:52 PM<![CDATA[Mobile ad effectiveness becomes a real science]]> 6:41:54 AM<![CDATA[Google Android Director on Nexus Strategy]]> 5:47:03 AM<![CDATA[Big Data: Moving from strategy to tactics]]> 7:51:35 AM<![CDATA[10 critical tech trends according to Gartner]]> 7:43:28 AM<![CDATA[Education as a key digital service]]> 7:38:12 AM<![CDATA[Smart M2M connectivity for any object]]> 11:04:03 PM<![CDATA[Creating order from digital chaos]]> 10:44:35 AM<![CDATA[Healthcare goes mobile, and how!]]> 2:47:35 AM<![CDATA[Different metrics required for digital media]]> 5:48:48 AM<![CDATA[NFC mobile payment transaction spend to hit $100 billion in 2016]]> 12:20:35 AM<![CDATA[Why Facebook should pay you for your personal info]]> 1:06:26 PM<![CDATA[Telcos can survive on big data alone]]> 5:05:00 PM<![CDATA[Can mobiles change the face of car shopping?]]> 3:34:07 PM<![CDATA[e-Reader targets mobile users and operators]]> 11:20:47 AM<![CDATA[Big data is useless unless it’s also fast, diverse]]> 11:07:40 AM<![CDATA[Report: M2M market poised for biggest transformation ever]]> 6:12:00 PM<![CDATA[Telefónica & Telenor Team on APIs]]> 11:40:26 AM<![CDATA[A third of the world's population is online]]> 4:15:44 AM<![CDATA[We've seen the future - and it's digital.]]> 11:45:37 AM<![CDATA[Standards for the Digital Revolution]]> 5:19:20 AM<![CDATA[Telefónica breaks cover as first Big Data telco]]> 11:42:59 AM<![CDATA[Survey reveals mixed attitudes toward partnerships]]> 8:48:50 AM<![CDATA[Sign Of The Times: The New York Times Debuts An HTML5 Web App For iPad]]> 11:34:27 AM<![CDATA[Magazine publisher makes £5 million in one year ]]> 5:50:55 AM<![CDATA[EE aims for 'endless possibilites' in M2M market]]> 11:20:54 PM<![CDATA[History of the smart grid & where it’s going]]> 12:33:35 AM<![CDATA[Mobile, social, and OTT startups favored over network for funding]]> 10:29:41 PM<![CDATA[M2M growth 'slower than expected']]> 12:11:09 PM<![CDATA[Now its privacy issues with smart meter data]]> 3:14:08 AM<![CDATA[Why the internet of things needs ‘curated openness’]]> 4:35:07 AM<![CDATA[Innovation: Seven ways to thrive in the digital world]]> 3:57:33 AM<![CDATA[Piracy not slowing digital music sales]]> 3:12:23 AM<![CDATA[Website dumped in favor of mobile app]]> 6:15:20 AM<![CDATA[Google ditching Wallet prepaid card ]]> 8:07:21 PM<![CDATA[Walkie-talkie apps - the latest threat?]]> 4:00:42 AM<![CDATA[Vodafone and IBM aim for M2M standards]]> 7:30:49 AM<![CDATA[Survey highlights doubts about M2M potential]]> 12:51:02 AM<![CDATA[Brands believe social media can be damaging]]> 2:08:25 AM<![CDATA[Amazon 'app store' in Europe opens for business]]> 11:28:03 PM<![CDATA[NSN said to be close to selling BSS Unit]]> 11:08:10 PM<![CDATA[Patent laws in the USA pathetically out of date]]> 5:44:22 AM<![CDATA[M2M explained visually]]> 5:52:14 AM<![CDATA[10 biggest mistakes in developing a voice app]]> 1:25:29 AM<![CDATA[Grocers’ digital dreams: Sainsbury’s launching VOD, Tesco ending MP3]]> 5:40:57 AM<![CDATA[Energy industry becomes target]]> 9:49:49 AM<![CDATA[Unlocking the digital Pandora's Box]]> 2:17:19 AM<![CDATA[The power of HTML5 and the mobile web]]> 12:49:36 AM<![CDATA[Disunity slowing down mobile payments]]> 7:50:09 AM<![CDATA[Flawed iPad content model?]]> 1:01:51 AM<![CDATA[Google revamps m-payment service to add more cards]]> 12:50:06 AM<![CDATA[Google launches Amazon Web Services rival]]> 6:33:33 PM<![CDATA[Forget 'smartphones' - cloud-connected 'smart loos' are here!]]> 11:48:20 AM<![CDATA[Newspaper launches ‘point and pay’ mobile shopping cart for ads]]> 10:39:06 AM<![CDATA[HTML5 apps may be hard to monetize]]> 4:31:01 AM<![CDATA[Amazon introduces limits for Kindle browsers]]> 7:13:41 AM<![CDATA[Signs that AT&T may charge for OTT services]]> 9:03:05 AM<![CDATA[Digital Security: The race that can never be won?]]> 10:43:05 AM<![CDATA[Keith Willetts 'unzips' the digital world]]> 8:22:21 AM<![CDATA[Exploring the opportunities for co-operation and co-opetition in the digital economy]]> 11:26:22 AM<![CDATA[Martin Creaner talks Digital Economy]]> 10:24:10 AM