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In the late 1990s and early 2000s, the typical implementation of a business solution that would use IPDR technology was deployed for a dedicated application, usually delivering a dedicated stream of information to a single business system.  Even so, the likelihood of the amount of information emanating from IP-based services and the global utility of much of the information captured from the service delivery infrastructure strongly drove the IPDR architects to include a distinct component for virtualizing a repository of that information.  A separate flow from the IPDR Recorder (the component dedicated to the primary capture of service telemetry) to both an IPDR Transmitter component and an IPDR Store component was specified to ensure that future evolution of IP-based services and the expected explosion of telemetry data would be accommodated by the Reference Model.  While the Cloud was a term more generally used in a slang sense to refer to that artifact in drawings to portray a network in general, the concept of a virtualized store was clearly what was being discussed.

Today, the amount of information and the diversity of potential consumers of the information create the environment ideally suited for a Cloud-based implementation of an IPDR Store containing masses of telemetry data (such as Key Performance Indicators, or KPIs) that would be accessible on-demand for a broad spectrum of systems applications involved in every stage of Digital Services operations.

The work for the Next Gen IPDR group to enable this component of the IPDR Reference Model is to expose and standardize the previously embedded B interface and to standardize a Cloud-based service, for example KPI-as-a-Service (KaaS) accessible via the C interface.  The powerful enablement of real-time policy-based Customer Experience Management that such a facility would realize is something well-suited for the Catalyst project approach to "spec a little, build a little" agile standards development that was the hallmark of and carries on with the Next Gen IPDR group.

I invite a vigorous pursuit of enabling this capability and standardizing the interfaces and protocol procedures to make it practical.

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<![CDATA[Our Self Care Portal Is Changing--See You in a Week or So. What???]]>Just as the subject of customer self-care process is being pursued and developed in the upcoming Spring/Summer work period, I had another personal experience with one of my service providers that I found to be staggeringly mis-managed.

Upon receiving the automated e-mail nofitication of my current monthly payment transaction, I navigated to the self-care portal, only to have the following message appear in a pop-up window:


<>The My Account Management and Online Billing Service pages will be unavailable as we implement a new online billing system beginning Wednesday, February 29, 2012 at 9:00pm ET.


The new system will be available beginning on March 8, 2012.

Be on the lookout via email and US mail for important information about the new service. Information can also be found at:


If you are unable to pay your bill because the system is not available -- don’t worry; we will adjust the due date and allow adequate time for payment.

We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for being our valued customer!


Astounding--The first notice of a withdrawal of an essential service component is its summary unavailability!  Set aside the immediate dashing of customer expectations, they are even anticipating delaying the due dates of prepaid accounts, thus taking a hit to their cash flow and other financials.  To add insult to injury, they announce that the outage will start next week, but the system is non-responsive today (Saturday), displaying a most likely totally cryptic HTTP error message upon a login attempt.

The services and the routine financial transactions with this account are in order, so at least that satisfier is under control, but what could this company be thinking to present a customer experience as described above?

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