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Jody Ranck, Consultant & Author, "Connected Health: How Mobile Phones, Cloud, and Big Data Will Reinvent Health Care"]]> 4:31:26 PM
<![CDATA[Crystal Ball Session: What do the customers want?]]> Michael Knorr, Managing Director, Citi Group
Jody Ranck, Consultant & Author, "Connected Health: How Mobile Phones, Cloud, and Big Data Will Reinvent Health Care" ]]> 4:25:03 PM
<![CDATA[Keynote Perspectives: Global collaboration on cyber security]]> 11:40:08 AM<![CDATA[Interview with Miguel Carrero]]> 11:29:15 AM<![CDATA[Interview with Keynote Speaker Steve Hilton]]> 11:21:33 AM<![CDATA[Interview with Keynote Speaker Jody Ranck]]> 10:58:17 AM<![CDATA[Crystal Ball Session: The Connected World of M2M]]> Eric Krauss, Director, M2M Product Management, AT&T Mobility
Jürgen Hase, Vice President M2M Competence Center, Deutsche Telekom
Eric Troup, CTO, WW Communications and Media Industries, Microsoft
Tom Nelson, Director of Marketing, Wholesale and Emerging Solutions, Sprint Nextel
Glenn Eggert, Director, M2M Product Marketing- Verizon Enterprise Solutions, Verizon Wireless]]> 10:53:51 AM
<![CDATA[Where are the service providers putting their money?]]> 10:52:31 AM<![CDATA[Management World Americas: A New Conference for a New World]]> 6:00:00 AM<![CDATA[Interview with Keynote Speaker Jürgen Hase]]> 3:18:00 PM<![CDATA[Keynote Perspectives Panel and Market Update: CTIA's Indices Report]]> 12:24:10 PM<![CDATA[Keynote Perspectives: Transforming an industry - where do we go from here?]]> 11:46:21 AM<![CDATA[Keynote Perspectives: Where are the service providers putting their money?]]> 9:42:34 AM<![CDATA[Putting a Dollar Sign on Network Security]]> 9:19:12 AM<![CDATA[Interview with Keynote Speaker Eric Troup]]> 6:00:00 AM<![CDATA[NetCracker’s BSS/OSS Solutions Enables Aggressive Market Launch for Bell Aliant]]> 5:44:29 AM<![CDATA[Israel’s Yes satellite TV Selects NetCracker Solution for Large-Scale BSS Transformation]]> 5:42:09 AM<![CDATA[NetCracker TOMS Solution Upgrade to Improve Videotron’s Infrastructure Management]]> 5:40:36 AM<![CDATA[NetCracker Highlights Significant Market Momentum at Management World Americas With New Customer Contracts and Expanded TOMS Solutions]]> 5:38:23 AM<![CDATA[Interview with Keynote Speaker Dr. Bob Roche]]> 5:00:00 AM<![CDATA[Interview with Keynote Speaker Isaias Sudit]]> 4:55:00 AM<![CDATA[Spotlight: Smart Grid]]> 4:05:57 PM<![CDATA[Interview with Keynote Speaker Mischel Kwon]]> 2:05:00 PM<![CDATA[Interview with Keynote Speaker Fari Ebrahimi]]> 1:25:17 PM<![CDATA[Interview with Keynote Speaker Tom Nelson]]> 1:12:23 PM<![CDATA[Interview with Keynote Speaker Robert Hackl]]> 12:35:52 PM<![CDATA[Management World Americas 2012 Kicks Off]]> 11:46:26 AM<![CDATA[Live From Management World Americas: eHealth and Smart Energy]]> 11:12:45 AM<![CDATA[TM Forum Launches Open Digital Economy Group]]> 11:06:49 AM<![CDATA[TM Forum appoints seven new board members]]> 10:51:35 AM<![CDATA[M2M Is All About the Ecosystem, Operators Say]]> 9:45:38 AM<![CDATA[Sit in the Red Chair for Women in Tech]]> 9:34:02 AM<![CDATA[TM Forum Pushes Digital Services Agenda]]> 9:17:12 AM<![CDATA[TM Forum launches Open Digital Economy Group]]> 9:00:32 AM<![CDATA[TM Forum Carriers should embrace digital services to guarantee new revenues]]> 8:56:40 AM<![CDATA[Live from Management World Americas: Change and Digital Services]]> 8:38:52 AM<![CDATA[TOA Technologies leads key initiatives to define cloud security and field service management processes at TM Forum Management World Americas]]> 5:24:28 PM<![CDATA[MetraTech Introduces Real-Time Commerce Decision Engine]]> 5:21:33 PM<![CDATA[Comverse at Management World Americas 2012: Catapult to a Connected Customer Experience]]> 5:18:24 PM<![CDATA[Billing and OSS World: TM Forum Unveils Frameworx 12.5]]> 5:14:15 PM<![CDATA[Implementation of Simple Management API Demonstrated by Concordus and Syntologica, Sponsored by Datatel]]> 5:07:05 PM<![CDATA[Telecoms perspectives: TM Forum Management World Americas 2012 ]]> 4:30:52 PM<![CDATA[Management World Americas Kickoff for 2012]]> 4:20:37 PM<![CDATA[Tribold and TM Forum Release Product Lifecycle Management Guidelines]]> 3:51:15 PM<![CDATA[Keith Willetts Book Signing Wednesday Evening in Forumville]]> 2:57:30 PM<![CDATA[Market Update: CTIA’s Indices Report]]> 2:44:59 PM<![CDATA[Keynotes: Where are the Service Providers Putting Their Money?]]> 2:19:39 PM<![CDATA[Frameworx 12.5 Unwrapped ]]> 12:39:20 PM<![CDATA[World’s Leading Service and Solution Providers Forge Path to Open Digital Economy]]> 12:00:01 AM<![CDATA[Service Providers Fast-Track Frameworx Adoption to Quickly Adapt to Changing Market Demands]]> 12:00:01 AM<![CDATA[E-Plus Group chooses MYCOM NIMS-PrOptima™ for End-to-End Network Performance Management]]> 12:00:01 AM<![CDATA[Centina Systems Unveils the Next Standard of Service Assurance with NetOmnia™ 5.0]]> 12:00:01 AM<![CDATA[NetCracker Highlights Market Momentum With New Customer Contracts and Expanded TOMS Solutions]]> 12:00:01 AM<![CDATA[Israel’s Yes satellite TV Selects NetCracker Solution for Large-Scale BSS Transformation]]> 12:00:01 AM<![CDATA[NetCracker’s BSS/OSS Solutions Enable Aggressive Market Launch for Bell Aliant]]> 12:00:01 AM<![CDATA[Cable Summit: Focus on Best Practices]]> 10:29:58 PM<![CDATA[M2M Tracking and Monitoring Solutions: An Industry Benchmark]]> 12:20:29 PM<![CDATA[Join the Hub Crawl]]> 11:56:46 AM<![CDATA[Q&A with Keynote Speaker Dr. Bob Roche, VP Research, CTIA]]> 10:54:43 AM<![CDATA[Download the Brand New CEM Report Now]]> 10:37:27 AM<![CDATA[Rapid Growth of Digital Services Reflected in TM Forum’s Board Member Appointments]]> 12:00:01 AM<![CDATA[Frameworx 12.5 Includes Major New Features for Revenue Management]]> 6:00:00 AM<![CDATA[TM Forum Releases New Guides and API for Enterprise-Grade Digital Service Management in Multi-Cloud Environments]]> 12:00:01 AM<![CDATA[Catalyst Project: Making Security Measurable]]> 6:00:00 AM<![CDATA[Opinion: Are you prepared for the end of the communications industry? ]]> 12:09:52 PM<![CDATA[Looking to the Future Through Management World]]> 12:03:46 PM<![CDATA[Catalyst Project: Optimizing the Virtual Housecall]]> 6:00:00 AM<![CDATA[Top 5 Things to Do in Forumville at Management World Americas 2012]]> 7:03:00 AM<![CDATA[Cyber Security - Are You Ready?]]> 5:05:19 AM<![CDATA[TM Forum’s Re-Imagined Management World Americas Brings Digital Services into Focus]]> 11:21:17 AM<![CDATA[Management World Americas Keynotes Define Roles in Digital Services Ecosystem ]]> 11:18:49 AM<![CDATA[TM Forum Recognized by Global Telecoms Business for Guiding Members through Fast-Moving Communications Industry ]]> 11:10:28 AM<![CDATA[The Digital World in Action at TM Forum’s Management World Americas]]> 5:03:00 AM<![CDATA[Agile IT and Cloud - Official TM Forum Training at Management World Americas]]> 9:35:10 AM<![CDATA[Three groups agree to partner to define customer experience]]> 9:23:49 AM<![CDATA[Official TM Forum Cyber Security Training at Management World Americas]]> 9:20:02 AM<![CDATA[TM Forum Training and Career Certification]]> 4:50:00 AM<![CDATA[Catalyst Project: LTE and Mobile Money – Risk or Reward ]]> 12:00:01 AM<![CDATA[Take advantage of great travel deals for your trip to Orlando!]]> 4:45:27 AM<![CDATA[How to cut customer churn]]> 4:40:23 AM<![CDATA[U.S. Datacenters Growing in Size But Declining in Numbers, According to IDC]]> 4:36:35 AM<![CDATA[Managing the Customer Experience]]> 4:29:31 AM<![CDATA[Register by November 2 for your chance to Win!]]> 10:12:26 AM<![CDATA[Catalyst Project: Innovations for the Emerging Smart Grid Environment]]> 12:00:01 AM<![CDATA[Telstra talk Big Data]]> 5:30:21 AM<![CDATA[Report: M2M market poised for biggest transformation ever]]> 6:12:00 PM<![CDATA[Catalyst Project: Big Data - Customers, Partners and Mobile Money]]> 12:00:01 AM<![CDATA[The success of TM Forum Management World]]> 6:29:25 PM<![CDATA[Big Data Survey: new revenue streams top CEM as biggest opportunity]]> 5:59:00 PM<![CDATA[Catalyst Project: Measuring Performance Success ]]> 12:00:01 AM<![CDATA[Verizon insights on Customer Experience]]> 6:18:00 PM<![CDATA[Comptel discuss TM Forum Management World]]> 5:25:00 PM<![CDATA[Industry insights with Patricia Davidson, Director Customer Experience, NII Holdings]]> 6:24:00 PM<![CDATA[Video Interview with Leonard Sheahan from Oracle]]> 6:22:00 PM<![CDATA[Microsoft discuss the change in the communications industry]]> 6:28:00 PM<![CDATA[Customer Relationship Management (and CRM) is Going Social]]> 6:22:17 PM<![CDATA[Agility In The Cloud: Big Data And The Cloud]]> 6:11:33 PM<![CDATA[Michael Trofimoff of BT Global Services talks M2M Services]]> 6:10:03 PM<![CDATA[Benjamin Sarda from Orange Healthcare discusses M2M services]]> 6:06:56 PM<![CDATA[Interview with Speaker Dr. Arun Sood]]> 6:04:08 PM<![CDATA[Cybersecurity bill bombarded with amendments]]> 5:52:32 PM<![CDATA[Stephen Randall from Convergys talks to TM Forum]]> 6:24:00 PM<![CDATA[Rogers to enable wireless connectivity for 3G PlayStation® Vita in Canada ]]> 11:32:16 AM<![CDATA[]]> 2:04:28 PM