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About the TM Forum

Operating Information

TM Forum is a global trade association trusted by the world’s largest enterprises, service providers and suppliers to help them continuously transform to succeed in the digital economy. We bring together more than 85,000 professionals from 900+ member companies to share experiences, collaborate and rapidly solve critical business challenges including IT transformation, business process optimization, big data analytics, cloud management, customer experience management and cyber security.

Strategic Operating Plan
The two-year rolling Strategic Operating Plan is reviewed annually by the Board of Directors and it is a statement of strategic direction for the organization and the principle objectives that the Board wishes to see accomplished over the next two years.

All TM Forum member companies sign an agreement to abide by the TM Forum Bylaws. TM Forum Bylaws govern the management and operation of the TM Forum. Members are expected to understand the bylaws and support them in their dealings within the TM Forum.

Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Policy
The TM Forum Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) policy (revised 2012) helps improve business effectiveness for our members and provides the flexibility needed in this new digital industry along with the necessary framework for protecting all Forum members’ IP rights. If you are an authorized Member IP Contact, online intellectual property administration activities are managed here, IPR Administration.

Anti-trust Policy
TM Forum's Anti-trust policy and guidelines governs member companies and their representatives in connection with their activities as members, and participants in the work, of the TM Forum.