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Rapid Technology Innovation Catalyst Projects Demonstrated at Management World

TM Forum's Catalysts feature service providers and other end users as project "champions" -- guiding collaborative vendor teams to bring innovative, not-seen-anywhere-else ideas and solutions to life. This year’s projects cover key business issues including digital services, cloud, cyber security, customer experience and revenue management. Each of the following teams demonstrated their projects at Management World 2013 in The Hub.  If you have questions about any of them or need more information, please contact Megan Lunde, Catalyst Program Manager.

Digital Services for Key Industries

Defining the Digital Health Value Chain

This Catalyst demonstrates how to address challenges and create new business service models for eHealth, enabling healthcare providers to be more efficient, deliver better care to more patients and lower administrative time and costs.

As the worlds of healthcare and communications converge, a myriad of new digital services are being made possible. Everything from mobile diagnostic monitoring (mHealth) to electronic health records (eHR) to robust distance medicine applications (telemedicine) are revolutionizing the way healthcare is provided. Yet many challenges remain, especially in developed economies. Read More...


Champions: Rogers, France Telecom-Orange, Deutsche Telekom

Participants: TOA Technologies, Amdocs, Detecon, Infonova, BaseN

Supporters: University of Cape Town, Ranck Consulting

Connecting the Smart Grid to the Digital World

This Catalyst demonstrates how ongoing cloud-based IP/ICT fault and performance monitoring and energy monitoring are achieved, how a Smart Grid network is secured and protected end-to-end, and how it integrates and provides for effective workforce management.

New disruptive technologies, such as Smart Grids, are being introduced at increasing pace to the electric energy industry worldwide.  This presents an emerging opportunity for TM Forum members to leverage their proven competences and capabilities for growth opportunities in electric utility domain.  Read more...

Champions:  Salzburg AG/Cisco

Participants: BaseN, Infonova, TOA Technologies, CSG International

Supporters: BT

Enablers for the Digital Services Ecosystem

Implementing an Open Wholesale B2B Marketplace

This Catalyst demonstrates implementation interfaces and best practices for wholesale B2B services across partners in a value chain. Integration across buyers and suppliers is achieved through a set of comprehensive interaction processes using TM Forum Information Framework (SID) data definitions.

The solution will demonstrate the capability to deliver any product among any set of buyers and sellers. This dynamic environment is fundamental to support a vibrant marketplace for B2B wholesale services. Read more...

Champions: NTT Japan, KPN

Participants:  DGIT

Supporter: NBNCo, Ultra-Fast Fibre NZ

Richer Services, Richer Ecosystems

This Catalyst demonstrates how a communication service provider can enable an assortment of digital service providers -- including different industry verticals and cloud partners -- to rapidly onboard, package, sell, assure and bill their services online.

A key area being examined is the scale-up and scale-down of service resources on one or multiple clouds. The project will showcase a production-grade system capable of supporting a multi-party value-chain ecosystem and the approach that can be used for automating the underlying service resources. Read more...

Champions: BT, France Telecom-Orange

Participants: Enstratius, Infonova, Syntologica

Catalog Management in Digital Services Mash-Ups

This Catalyst demonstrates how multiple product catalogs are a key enabler for delivering and operating digital services, focusing on tactical issues including how to: publish, subscribe, query for product offerings; unambiguously describe products, offerings and application operations; provide commercial data on pricing and SLAs across the value chain; and share operational data among partners.

Communication service providers, partners, suppliers and enterprise customers all contribute to the development and delivery of services in a digital value chain. The challenge is to communicate, expose, and mash-up existing services into new and innovative services in an efficient and easily understood manner among the players. Read more...

Participants: Ericsson, Cisco

Customer Experience Management

Measuring the Touch Points of the Customer Lifecycle

The very real world scenario of a consumer watching a live video of a road race on a mobile device gives rise to complex partner interactions, mobile money, cross sell and upsell opportunities and device management. This Catalyst is comprised of three demonstrations under this scenario that address these management challenges during various customer interactions:

Advancing Customer Experience Management and Analytics with Demonstrable ROI - Leverages TM Forum’s Business Metrics and Customer Experience Management Index and describes how big data and intelligent analytics can help to deliver the next generation of digital media services. Read more... 

Demo Champions: Singtel Optus, China Mobile; Demo Participants: Ventraq, IBM, Velocent

Proactive Technical Care -
shows how to proactively monitor, detect and interpret technical device, data and network experience issues/opportunities and drive effective issue resolution or smart cross/up sell across channels, and highlights the use of real-time decisioning within TM Forum’s Application Framework as part of the Customer Problem Management area. Read more...

Demo Participants: Amdocs, Sunday Sky, Mformation

Mobile Broadband Monetization  - measures and investigates customer expectation on mobile broadband with smart device and explores how to improve the customer experience on high data consumption scenarios including real-time data consumption notification and data package adjustment on-demand.  Read more...

Demo Champion: China Mobile; Demo Participants: Huawei, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunication

Champions: Singtel Optus, China Mobile

Participants: Ventraq Inc., IBM, Infonova, Huawei, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunication, Sunday Sky, Velocent, Mformation Software Technologies

Quantifying Customer Experience Through Performance and Probe Measurement

This Catalyst quantifies a subjective topic -- quality of experience -- for mobile broadband services. It uses data from multiple sources including network probes, network performance data, and TM Forum Customer Experience Metrics to identify when a customer’s 4G service is degrading. It also uses the TM Forum’s Performance Management interface to enable integration. The demonstration shows support of customer care, operations and network engineering with service traffic forecasts, and optimization of network infrastructure using the quantitative measures that are collected and analyzed. The demonstration scenarios will identify problems by individual customer or service and drill down to the relevant network problems in the Radio, Core or Transport networks. Read more...

Champions: Telecom Italia, Telefonica

Participants: TEOCO, Wipro Technologies, MYCOM, Comarch, HP, Astellia

Converged Network Operations Improving Customer Experience

This Catalyst demonstrates how operational activities, such as configuration and inventory management across a converged wireless and wireline network, can be streamlined to ensure customers’ service is not degraded. To have a complete view of how the customer’s experience is impacted by these types of changes, information from multiple management systems must be combined which is typically costly for IT and operations departments. This demonstration shows how the new “Federated Network Information Model” -- jointly developed and approved by 3GPP and TM Forum and based on requirements from the NGMN Project NGCOR (Next Generation Converged Operations Requirements) – substantially reduces the time and expense to do the necessary integration and improves the ability to deliver excellent customer experience. Read More...

Champions: Deutsche Telekom, France Telecom Orange, Telefonica, Telecom Italia

Participants: Comarch, HP, Orchestral Networks

Supporters: ZTEsoft, Juniper Networks

Cyber Security

Sharing Threat Intelligence to Mitigate Cyber Attacks

This Catalyst demonstrates how, by sharing real-time threat information with trusted partners, communications service providers could serve as the early warning system for cyber threats, protecting their enterprise customers from the spread of attacks.

Cyber-attack prevention calls for a collaborative effort, innovative technologies, real-time intelligence sharing, and crowd-sourcing to detect and mitigate its enormous risks. This Catalyst demonstrates an innovative Cyber Neighborhood Watch solution for the telecom industry. Read more...

Champions: Telstra, DSTL (UK MOD), AT&T

Cyber Squared, cVIdya Networks, EMC, TOA Technologies, Birmingham City University

Supporters: Bell Canada

Revenue Management

Revenue Assurance Maturity with the Inclusion of Digital Services

The goal of the Revenue Assurance Maturity Model Update Catalyst, with the inclusion of Digital Services, is updating the widely used RA Maturity Model to better align it with the latest advancements in the RA discipline with a risk-management-based approach and with the newest business and operational models of digital and cloud-based services. The proposed updates are tested, validated, and demonstrated by a leading team of CSPs and suppliers. Read more...

Champions: Wana Corporate, Telecom Italia

Participants: cVidya Networks, AssuringBusiness, Atos, Ericsson, Revenue Risk Management, WeDo Technologies, Huawei, IBM

Supporter: MTN Group

Delivering Enterprise Grade Cloud Services

Data Center of the Future

This Catalyst informs users that rely on data centers, such as service providers offering digital and cloud services, about new designs and capabilities that are needed to manage more complex and diverse sets of data to support these new services. Data centers are a key infrastructural element for delivery of digital services.  This TM Forum Enterprise Cloud Leadership Council project will develop designs for the data center of the next 4-5 years in completely new ways through the use of software defined infrastructure. Read more...

Champions: Bank of America, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, ING Bank, BT

Participants: EMC, Netcracker, Infonova

Supporters: France Telecom - Orange

Enabling Cloud Mobility and Workplace as a Service

This Catalyst demonstrates a working model that offers guidance and insight to enterprises, digital service providers and suppliers who want to overcome the current challenges and meet the needs of a mobile workforce. The solution offered builds on an award-winning platform or container that ECLC member UBS developed last year.

Employees who bring their own devices (BYOD) to work and use these mobile devices for their enterprise applications present a complex challenge to enterprises. While several commercial solutions offer partial fixes, they fall short in terms of their ability to integrate with other enterprise applications, provide scalability, and meet security requirements.  Read more...

Champions: Bank of America, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Portugal Telecom Inovação, Deutsche Telecom

Participants: Syracuse University, Ericsson, TOA Technologies

Innovation Projects

In addition to this year's Catalyst projects, in the Hub we will also be hosting three demonstrations of recent innovation projects:

Fast Registration for Payment Services

This innovation demonstration continues a project begun in a “hot house” session in March, when 35 thought leaders representing communications, IT and digital sectors gathered to develop partnership models and technical architectures to advance the vision of an open digital economy. Fast registration enables a digital service provider (DSP) to use the validation of user identity available through a communications service provider (CSP) to give users flexible charging and payment options. The DSP leverages the CSP brand, while the CSP monetizes its business and operational systems and network. Participants include O2, Orange, Telecom Italia, Apigee, IBM, Microsoft, and Oracle.

Cloud Trading Marketplace with Zimory CIMI API

The cloud trading marketplace demonstrates the use of a new northbound fulfillment/ settlement interface API developed by Zimory and TM Forum with equivalence mapping to the Information Framework (SID). The Zimory CIMI API has been designed to provide buyers the ability to test implementations for conformance to TM Forum standards. The demonstration shows the marketplace in action and resources being added and made available for buyers. It also demonstrates how settlement occurs prior to usage. The cloud trading marketplace will revolutionize cloud computing and the way products and services are offered by buyers, sellers and cloud brokers. The participants in this project include Deutsche Telekom, Devoteam, TM Forum and Zimory.

Smart TV - Open Digital Forum Innovation Demo

Finally, a Smart TV - Open Digital Forum Innovation Demo leverages the example of the Everything Everywhere & FilmFlex relationship, looking beyond single implementations to design repeatable, scalable implementations between Communications Service Providers and Content providers with far reaching value for enabling rapid delivery of digital services across the ecosystem.  This demonstration is part of the Richer Services, Richer Ecosystems Catalyst Project.

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