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How to Join

Join the largest global trade association focused on bringing together the digital ecosystem, including communication service providers, digital service providers and enterprises, with the goal of enabling an open digital world.

Take advantage of a wealth of knowledge and practical tools including unique research, best practices and Frameworx, our TM Forum suite of standards and get ready to participate in our collaboration program, developed to rapidly solve business issues in critical areas, such as business process optimization, big data analytics, cloud management, customer experience management and security.

How to become a TM Forum Member

  1. Complete the Membership Interest Form and a local membership representative will contact you directly;
  2. Your local membership representative will call you to discuss membership and agree the necessary details. They will then provide you with a pre-completed membership application form.
  3. The membership application consists of the following forms which must be signed and returned to TM Forum:
    1. TM Forum Bylaws
    2. Intellectual Property Rights
    3. Antitrust Policy and Guidelines
      These documents form the basis of the legal framework for protecting all information exchanged among member companies as part of their participation in TM Forum.
  4. Once these signed forms are received, your membership will be activated and you can get started!
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