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TM Forum Home August 6-7, 2013| Johannesburg, South Africa

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TM Forum's Africa Summit 2012

The African communications market is experiencing rapid growth. As mobile penetration increases
and competition heats up, more and more customers are adopting the latest technologies and
devices. At the same time, their expectations are soaring. To succeed, service providers need to do
more than just remain competitive. They must sustain growth, retain customers and differentiate
themselves from the competition by adopting a long term transformation strategy to help them
make the right technology, software and business decisions.

A great opportunity for me to engage with international and regional industry experts in both a very personal and professional manner.

Naza Sahal, IT Director,

2012 Conference Agenda

TM Forum's Africa Summit tackles issues the African communications market is facing through 30+ sessions, including 15 case studies covering:

  • Business Transformation and Innovation
  • Service Innovation in Africa
  • Building Flexible and Scalable Next Generation Networks
  • Taking the Customer Experience to the Next Level
  • Building Profitable Partnerships

View the agenda for the full list of sessions

With Speakers From



2012 Keynote Speakers

You can't afford to miss the impressive line-up of heavy-hitting industry leaders – representing some of the world's top service providers.

Obafemi Banigbe"Finding the next profitable innovations and fostering innovative service generation in Africa."
Obafemi Banigbe, CTO, Millicom (Tigo) Ghana

Vincent Camadro"Creating value and generating loyalty in low-ARPU prepaid environments through Customer Base Management."
Vincent Camadro, Chief Marketing Officer, Orange Kenya - Telkom

Atul Chaturvedi"Enhancing inter-departmental cooperation to optimize the end-to-end Customer Experience."
Atul Chaturvedi, Chief Commercial Officer, Altech KDN

Christian de Faria"Planning and deploying an efficient mobile broadband network that will ensure customer retention and generate new revenue streams."
Christian de Faria, Group Commercial Officer, MTN Group

Who You Will Meet

2012 Sponsors & Sponsorship Opportunities

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