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The Metaverse Challenge

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About the challenge

This challenge is a significant opportunity for communications service providers to explore new ways of creating and capturing value in the metaverse, a virtual space where users can interact and participate in a shared digital experience. By identifying the potential benefits of the metaverse for small and large enterprises, government, and society, connectivity providers can create innovative solutions that will help them to unlock value in this emerging space. This could include the creation of tools and platforms to set up and manage virtual storefronts and experiences, or infrastructure solutions that support the needs of metaverse-based applications and services, or the development of solutions that promote education and social engagement. The possibilities are endless.

About the challenge

Executive Coaches

Each Moonshot Challenge will be allocated two board-level Executive Coaches to provide invaluable feedback on business readiness and technical viability.


Josie Smith

Chief Architect, Digital

BT Group

Josie is leading and driving the re-architecture of BT Group’s digital landscape from 2400 applications to 500. An industry leading architecture taking BT Group from a Telco to a Techco. From monolithic to, modular, agile and flexible for a future of BT Group that connects for good and creates an exceptional experience for customers. It requires both logic, creativity and a growth mindset to succeed. Josie is a leader that engages with energy, creativity and fun. A pioneer of outcome based approaches as a method of truly linking strategy and execution at pace. An ambassador for women in tech/engineering and inspirational learning in the sciences across all ages to increase the diversity within the STEM industries.


Michael Anthony Raj

VP of AI & Data Network Enablement


With over 15 years in AI, data analytics, and tech strategy, Michael Raj is the VP of AI & Data Network Enablement. He partners with Network, Supply Chain & Finance to drive insights for action. Notably, his Network Business Analytics leadership fueled $10B+ investments. He shapes Customer Experience measurement, Network Digital Twins and Market Intelligence platform. Michael transitioned from software to consulting for giants like Mars & Estee Lauder. An MBA in Strategy & Analytics, paired with a Computer Science Engineering Bachelor's, underscores his experience. Michael Raj drives innovation, growth, and strategic transformation with this multidisciplinary skill set.


Ryiuchi Matsou

Execute Officer, Network & Cloud Division, Platform Services Department


Ryuichi Matsuo has more than 30 years of global business experience as a member of NTT-Group. Beginning with the development of Electronic Check Settlement system in Bangkok, he implemented a large-scale M&A (Data Center Hosting business) in the United States and integration after the acquisition as Corporate Planning Department. After working for NTT Indonesia as President, he was in charge of Data Center business of NTT Global. He currently serves on NTT Comware as Executive Officer, Head of Global Business Office and VP of Platform Services Department as well as IT Strategy Department.

The Energy Challenge

How can our industry lead the world towards carbon neutrality, and in doing so cut our energy consumption by at least 25% by 2025?