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AI & Metaverse based virtual network operation center

URN C24.0.685
Topics AI (Artificial Intelligence), Autonomous networks, Metaverse

Driving innovation in the telecommunications industry by automating network operation centers through our AI-driven virtual supporter

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One of the significant pain points in the telecommunications sector is the need for enhanced operational efficiency. The Catalyst proposal aims to introduce a metaverse and virtual assistant powered by AI, machine learning and natural language processing to streamline and automate telecommunication operator-related actions. By addressing this challenge, telecommunication service providers can significantly improve their operational efficiency. This specially improve efficiency of operation and easy the work life of operation staff who are on the field. Currently country situation is facing economic crisis, inflation, currency depreciation, skilled worker migration, electricity cost increase by 135% and other maintenance difficulties, it has become a challenge for a communication service provided which mostly depend on skilled worker, electricity and currency rate to thrive in the industry. Proposed project addresses some of these pain points by reducing skilled worker involvement time, reducing time consumption on resolving issues and reducing 24*7 monitoring time. The proposed solution can help in reducing downtime caused by maintenance and operational activities. This is crucial in ensuring uninterrupted service for end-users and meeting service level agreements. Champions can minimize the impact of maintenance and operation activities on their customers, resulting in improved customer satisfaction and reduced revenue loss. This project will enhance the data/ information collection on network operations which will lead to conduct more detailed data analysis and used for machine learning processed to improve the accuracy on operation activities and automation while using this as a virtuous cycle of continuous improvement. Improved efficiency and reduced downtime directly translate into an enhanced customer experience. Telecommunication service providers can offer more reliable and responsive services, leading to increased customer loyalty and reduced churn. With high attrition of industry & economic due to global and local recessions it is highly peak time to have system for operation support team to improve efficiency and reduce operation cost to maintain industry in the country. This project will enable industry to stand strong during this turbulation situation to serve for the customers. In current world in digital transformation with data centric organization, prepare staff to align with those are huge change in an organization with high challenges specially the field staff. This project will align the field worker staff to digital transformation and data centric business which will lead the path to organization to transform to digital-data centric business much comfortably in long run. Addressing these pain points through a metaverse and virtual assistant can give Champions a significant competitive advantage in the market. They can stand out as leaders in providing cutting-edge, automated solutions that not only meet current demands but also position them for future growth in the digital age. This proposal reflects the industry's commitment to innovation and adaptability. It signals a forward-thinking approach to technology adoption, positioning the Champions as pioneers in harnessing the power of machine learning and natural language processing to improve operations. The project aims to provide staff with challenging exposure, fostering skill development and collaboration, particularly during a time of constrained expensive technology rollouts. Our proposed solution represents a paradigm shift in the telecommunications industry by seamlessly integrating cutting-edge technology with TM Forum best practices and standards. At its core, our innovation centers around the implementation of a Metaverse-based NOC process, underpinned by artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing.

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